Look! This is the most critical time in this counties history. I know you have heard this before. But NEVER has their been a “drompf” (Trump)  in the equation of a lost election.

Secretary Hillary Clinton said “we are stronger together”! I believed and continue to believe that. But from the Primary to TODAY Bernie Sanders has done everything to HIGH JACK the Democratic Party. He almost had even me convinced.

BUT! it occurred to me, Wait a minute “Captain Obvious”. (He is GREAT at defining the problem we already know but having no viable solutions). You’ve been wondering in the wilderness of Congress for a quarter-century , and passed ONE bill. “ONE”! And now You emerge from the wilderness to become the “Messiah” of the Democrat Party…OF WHICH YOU ARE NOT A MEMBER? Not “NO” but “HELL NO”!

But I digress! He loses the Primary and is then rewarded by Chuck Schumer with a “LEADERSHIP” position in the Senate. And here is where I begin to explain why although I agree with Secretary Clinton’s statement “we are stronger together”but I also ain’t no fool! I’m not just a PUMA, but “raging” PUMA! For you youngsters, it’s an acronym for “PARTY UNITY MY ASS”! Bernie is running a CON game on the party. And has been from the beginning. He is ALLOWED to run as a Democrat. “ACCIDENTALLY” hacks Sec. Clinton’s database and then declares he is “running against” the Party! Then he becomes a victim of the Party? The DNC stole the Primary and now those same people “stole” the DNC chair? Pretty soon I’m going to start calling him “Lil Donny”!

So! “I’m not even a Democrat”? Look, I know we need Independents! I know this. But it’s like being sick and needing a blood. You NEED blood! BUT  if you are “O”” positive you need a certain TYPE of blood. You need “O POSITIVE”! We need Independents who want to JOIN our goals. What we don’t need are ideologues who wish to take over the party, with “if we don’t get our way it’s rigged”? Don’t we have enough of that BS from Trump? By the way that woman belongs to the Super Pac Bernie said he didn’t have.

There are “Progressive” elements in the Democratic Party. There always has been. BUT lets get this straight! ALL Democrats are “PROGRESSIVES” by definition. The Democrat Party is truly a “big tent”. We have Conservatives, Moderates,  Liberals and yes Progressives. And each has an “EQUAL” seat at the table. But The 2016 Presidential race gave Bernie Sanders an opportunity to “HIGH JACK” the term “Progressive” and use it to further his agenda. Bernie Sanders is NOT and NEVER has been a Democrat. He didn’t have the Guts to run as an Independent or a “Progressive” so like a snake in the grass slithered into the Primary under the guise of being a Democrat. Taking our money, our data, and everything else that came with the PRIVILEGE of running as a Democrat. While in his own words “running against the Democratic Party”!

And under the agreement attached to running as a Democrat, each candidate agreed to donate to “down Ticket” DEMOCRATIC candidates. Secretary Clinton did. She raised a lot of money. NOT for herself , but down ticket Democrat candidates. Bernie didn’t give a penny while “bragging” about his millions raised thru $27 donations. And keeping it for himself. Even one of the largest donors to Sec. Clinton, George Clooney, came out and explained and defended her fund raising. Yet this snake used that against her. To the point where one of his surrogates, namely Paul Song, Husband of CNN’s Lisa Ling felt comfortable enough to call Sec. Clinton a “Money Whore” before a crowd est. at 27, 000 before Sanders took the stage. And rather than denounce it right then and there, Sanders waited until the Clinton campaign demanded an apology, and then and ONLY then did he “tweet” his denouncement! And saying they hadn’t heard about the comment! And we are suppose to believe that? It happened at the same event on the same stage. And you hadn’t heard? Again, sound like someone else we all know with initials DJT?

I am sick and tired of all this demonizing the Party . You people aren’t Democrats so get Bernie to run as a “Bernicrat” or whatever and lets stop all this telling us what’s wrong with the Democrat Party. You and Bernie refuse to take any responsibility for our lose. And now we are suppose to turn the party over to You? Thanks, but I think we’ll pass!

Bernie said the Democratic Party has to become a “grass roots party”.  So as “Leader” exactly what is he doing to further that goal? Here is one thing he ain’t doing. Turning over his email list to the DNC, just as he refused the Clinton campaign in the General.

What you MUST UNDERSTAND is this:  These rally’s , these TV appearances are  suppose to be to further the agenda of the DEMOCRAT PARTY not Bernie Sanders and his organization “Our Revolution”. We are being PLAYED AGAIN. The ONLY time “Democrat Party” comes out of  his mouth is criticizing it. Listen to HIS words. When asked by Jake Tapper “are you going to give your email list to the DNC” his answer is “WE have started” who the HELL IS WE? I thought he was a leader of the Democrat Party”.

Bernie Sanders has an organization of which he is the Leader. He can’t claim that because his position in the Senate prohibits it. But have no doubt EVERYTHING he does is in support of that organization. When he says “WE” he is referring Our Revolution organization. He said “WE ARE PREPARING TO DO”? He is CLEARLY saying “My list is for “Our Revolution” my peeps, and NOT the DNC and they ain’t getting it. Furthermore WE will NOT support Democrat down ticket candidates unless we determine they are “PROGRESSIVE ENOUGH, AS DEFINED BY US! DEMOCRATS SUPPORT DEMOCRATS!

He has his MSNBC series “Bernie Sanders goes to Trump Country”. Even that is a CON. It just so happens the states this traveling farce goes to, are Not really Trump states , well they are in the sense Trump won them in the General. BUT  rather states Bernie won in the primary. Bernie sanders will not share his list with the Party he wants to transform? How many times have you heard the line “the Democrat party has to open it’s doors and let the young people in”? At least one billion? BUT when the party says OK! , he says ” you can’t have my email list to reach all those people I want you to open the doors and let in”? It’s BS people!

THIS IS CRAZY! Bernie can do what ever he wants,. But not on the Democrat dime. He needs to grow a pair and quit criticizing the Democrat Party and form his own Party! This PARTY IS OCCUPIED AND WILL RESIST ANY HOSTILE TAKEOVER.



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Remove Bernie Sanders From Senate Democratic Leadership.

We Democrats have a lot to do. I believe all this talk about the Party being in disarray is nonsense. However, there is some “housekeeping” that needs to be done. Specifically, Party Identity! The thing that brought me to the Party was that fact that it truly is a “BIG TENT”! From Conservatives to Progressives. That is a GOOD THING! BUT no one element of the Party DOMINATES THE PARTY! Les McCain asked the question “Compared to What”? And the answer is: ALL DEMOCRATS ARE PROGRESSIVES COMPARED TO REPUBLICANS!. So the”housekeeping” I spoke of has to do with Bernie Sanders. President Bush famously said : “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…….whatever”. Point is Bernie Sanders IS NOT A DEMOCRAT! Lets start there, He was allowed to run as a Democrat. Shame on him. Appointing HIM to a LEADERSHIP POSITION in the Senate? Shame on US. BERNIE SANDERS IS A CON MAN SECOND ONLY TO DONALD J. TRUMP.

He said during the Primary he “was running against the Party”. Please tell me why we didn’t believe him? After taking all the resources of the Party, failing to raise money for down ticket candidates as he promised, and then DEMONIZING Sec. Clinton for keeping her promise to support those down ticket candidates.He stayed in the race even after it was obvious there was no way he could win and ONLY HURT Sec. Clinton. He Then REFUSED TO GIVE HRC AND HER CAMPAIGN HIS EMAIL LIST. He AGAIN refused the DNC. He goes on TV “SUPPOSEDLY” as part of this “LEADERSHIP” ROLE and in two hrs. of this farce NEVER MENTIONS THE PARTY ONCE. But manages to give his same “stump speech” each time.And as recent as last week said “the only thing the Democrat Party stands for is it’s donors”. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! This insanity MUST STOP! BERNIE SANDERS MUST BE REMOVED FROM HIS LEADERSHIP POSITION IN THE SENATE!

JOIN ME AND SIGN THIS PETITION TO REMOVE HIM FROM THAT POSITION. STAND UP! So that we can get on with the business of RESISTING Donald J. Trump!




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This is the second epiphany I’ve had!

Today I saw the end of the TV show “On the Record” on MSNBC! Greta said there were some people who always “have my back”! Her reason for showing this was apparently she is receiving “flack” from both the Right and the Left for her move from FOX to MSNBC! She showed this clip of Haitian children saying “Congratulation” to her for the move! This was I believe an orphanage she and her Husband support in Haiti! It was very nice!I risk not getting this right because I didn’t record it, BUT I think the message was “Congratulations Ma Ma Greta”!

And I thought about Oprah and the girl’s school she has in South Africa! The three schools Serena Williams has in Kenya, Uganda and Jamaica! This was the first time I had seen Greta’s effort in Haiti! But it was not the first I had seen or heard of Oprah or Serena’s schools!

But it was the first time I had thought of how I felt when I saw it! Actually it wasn’t how I felt! I tried to imagine how a Black child on Chicago’s south side, or Compton or Flint, felt watching it!

Oprah said at one time “I wanted to help girls who look like me”!

So what about girls in Chicago or Compton? Or Flint, where we have children that don’t have drinking water? Just so you know Oprah! I don’t know how you think you look, BUT the kids in these cities look a hell of a lot more like you than a South African girl!

I have to think some MUST ask “WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME? Am I not worthy of love? Why do you have to go to Africa or Jamaica to show love for a Black child? I wish they would explain it to me!

Better yet! How would you explain it to a child who asks “WHATS WRONG WITH ME”?




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One of TWO (2) people will be the next president of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!



I can’t think of a scenario in which this is NOT TRUE! Well I can but I won’t even utter it!



I’m too old to go door to door, so I do what I can! W-R-I-T-E! TRY TO PERSUADE!


I will address why I think Donald Trump is unfit to be President later in this piece,  but really you should have figured that out already! But First I want to explain why Hillary is NOT JUST the best choice between the two! But the best choice…PERIOD! I’m tired of all these unsubstantiated claims “the lesser of two evils”! BULL!!!

She is the most qualified person to EVER, EVER run the Presidency! Ever! And when you start discounting “QUALIFIED”! YOU NEED TO CHECK YOURSELF! IT AIN’T THE CANDIDATE IT’S YOU!


When will their plans be placed side by side so that we can become that informed electorate? That is what debates are supposed to be about! NOT FOOD FIGHTS! AND SIGNIFYING! For those of you who need an interpretation! “Talkin about your MAMA”! And yes the so-called “Press” not “main stream media”, ALL and ANY Press is responsible for this years least informed electorate in my lifetime! But that’s for another Ophra!

But this is directed toward those people who are either on the fence or have decided since they missed the “hippy” movement they are going to cast a “PROTEST” vote! “I can’t get on board because Hillary isn’t Honest and Trustworthy”.

There is no such thing as a “Protest Vote”! That is some BS term someone dreamt up!

Stay Home and don’t cast a vote! YOU VOTED!! The lack of an AFFIRMATIVE VOTE is a NEGATIVE VOTE! Cast a vote for a Gary Johnson or Jill Stein is not a “PROTEST VOTE” it’s a WASTED VOTE! THEY CAN’T WIN!

I heard Jill Stein say “don’t give into the politics of FEAR! If you are not afraid of Donald Trump, you damn well ought to be! Jill Stein is talking crazy NONSENSE! Both have demonstrated they are UNQUALIFIED! PERIOD!

But back to Hillary! The biggest lie being told is “she is not honest and trustworthy”! It’s hard for me to address this so imagine how it must be for her! It’s contrived Bull! If very Primary you ask, as a part of the exit poll: “Do you think Hillary Clinton is honest and trustworthy”? But don’t ask the same question of the other candidates can you see where this is going? It’s somewhat, not entirely, but somewhat of a self-fulfilling Prophesy! So let’s get to the question! “Honest”! Implying she is “dishonest”! As it pertains to WHAT? “WELL just look at her Foundation!” Let’s look the Foundation! It saves lives by putting people together to provide aids drugs around the world! “Yeah but they TAKE money from countries that suppress women’s rights and other Human rights! And the US Government GIVES money to many of those same countries!” “Well look at her emails!” We have! Ad nauseam! But if we must! As I write this sitting in my office looking at a retirement plaque of 33 yrs Federal service! 14yrs Military 19yrs Civilian.(VA and FAA) 16yrs of that civilian service was as a COMPUTER SYSTEMS ANALYST! So I know something about emails and security classifications! I’m not just pulling this out my butt like some Congressmen, and voters!

I’ve heard so many different reasons as to why this bothers people, I will approach it from what I “believe” to be the biggest concern. I discard that her server MAY have been “hacked” since Director Comby testified before Congress under oath there was no evidence to that! Although (http://www.cnn.com/2015/03/10/politics/state-department-hack-worst-ever/) we know the State Dept WAS HACKED according to James Clapper, director Of National Intelligence! So perhaps in retrospect maybe it was a good thing she had a private server! Just sayin! The other concern I suppose is “She lied”: a lie is defined as: a false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive; an intentional untruth falsehood”. So lets take a look at what happened! Sec. Clinton said on more than one occasion. “I neither sent nor received “Classified” information on that server”! So let’s get past all the gotcha questions of the Republicans and look at the facts! ALL CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS IN ANY AGENCY ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE A HEADER AND FOOTER WITH THE DOCUMENTS CLASSIFICATION! FOR EXAMPLE:

Now as to what happened..no one and I mean NO ONE drilled down on this to get to the truth better that Congressman Lieu from the Wonderful state of California! My home State! When one watches this, if you still want to pursue issues of her “Lying” about what she BELIEVED TO BE TRUE! Then you don’t want the truth or “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH”! I couldn’t resist! Watch this!

So when you listen to all this noise about “Trump didn’t attack her on her emails as he should have”! Understand what you are listening to. NONSENSE!

And by the way Rep. Lieu was too much a gentleman to embarrass his colleagues. The quote from McBeth actually is: “A tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury signifying nothing”!  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used that quote!

I’m not sure America is Ready for a WOMAN President. But they damn well better get to it! The literal future of America depends on it!

Republicans surrendered their party to a CON man! Lets not surrender America to a Con man. PLEASE!


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What’s good for the goose SHOULD BE good for the gander?

If we are serious about police reform then in my opinion we must talk about the “mouse” in the room!

Why do we know everything about the victim and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the person who took a human life? Taking a human life is taken “very” seriously in the so-called justice system except when it involves a cop killing! If I kill someone I am arrested and charged immediately! Not so much for cops!

We are way beyond this thing that the benefit of the doubt has to be given to the cop!

As a Viet Nam Vet I really don’t want to hear this BS about “their job is so dangerous”! I volunteered for the Military! “NOT VIETNAM”! BUT it came with territory! There is not one cop in America that was drafted! They knew it was dangerous when they filled out the application! SO THAT’S A GIVEN! IF IT’S TOO MUCH GET ANOTHER DAMN JOB!(Please read my article http://www.mrs-t.com/why-i-never-became-a-navy-seal/)



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An Open letter to Bill and Hillary Clinton.

The Clinton foundation and The Clinton Global Initiative should be OFF THE TABLE.

I know you both have been busy, so in case you haven’t noticed, the Cable News  network’s  and FOX (I can’t even type the word “News” next to Fox), are not going to stop attacking ANYTHING connected to YOU . EVER ! NO MATTER WHAT!

If that is the case and it is, why change anything? Your Foundation is “GOLD STAR” rated. I don’t think the people who actually count , for instance those  who receive drugs which lengthen or save their lives give a damn about “PERCEPTION”! I AND MILLIONS OF OTHER AMERICANS AGREE!

The “Talking Heads” with their little ear plugs say things like “Yes we know the foundation saves lives around the world, “B-U-T”! HOW IN THE HELL CAN THERE BE A “BUT” when it comes to saving lives?

It’s like saying , “ there is a Black child drowning in the pool and  I could  jump in the pool and save the child, B-U-T,  since I’m Black myself I want to avoid the PERCEPTION  that  I’m doing it BECAUSE the child  is Black. SO I’ll go find a WHITE person to save the child.”

The bar has been set so low for Donald Trump by the Press there is NO DAYLIGHT BETWEEN THE BAR AND THE GROUND!

At the risk of in any way agreeing with “The Donald” the Press’s credibility sucks! A CNN reporter taking  a “selfy” with Ivanka Trump DURING THE ROLE CALL OF THE NOMINATION PROCESS AT THE REPUBLICAN CONVENTION?

So how can one be surprised that TRUMP says jump and the Cable networks try to see which one can jump the highest?

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When extremely frustrated, my late Aunt would say (this or that or a person) “has got on my last nerve”! Kinda like “she counted to three” in “Oh Brother Where Art Thou”! Anyway that is where I am with STUPID Republicans. They had 17 Candidates in their Primary! Forty-Five so called “Debates”. Or signifying matches! For those unfamiliar with the term “signifying”. It means saying derogatory things about your mama.

And all Republicans going on Television telling the American people, “We can’t defeat ISIS because THIS President refuses to use the term “Radical Islam”! As if the President by saying the words “RADICAL ISLAM” could bring about the demise of ISIS!

They however for some reason, REFUSE to say that the new Budget is an “AUTHORIZATION” to fight ISIS! I thought that was what you were criticizing the President for NOT doing? But when He asks Congress to do their duty , like holding hearings on a Supreme court Nominee, and DELARE WAR ON ISIS for some UNKNOWN reason, (reason might be a stretch) they just can’t!

Meanwhile ISIS says “SAY MY NAME”! It’s “AUTHORIZATION”!

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Just one of many tweets, that made me compelled to reply: “millennial’s like myself aren’t buying it, and we don’t give two shits about your party”.

Therein lies the problem! Millennial’s like you bring to mind the “Church Lady on Saturday Night live”


Calling yourselves “Millennial’s” as if that is something SPECIAL rather than an identifier! I’ve been telling my fellow DEMOCRATS this was the GAME from the start! YOU DON”T CARE ABOUT THE PARTY! AND WON’T VOTE FOR THE PARTY ANYWAY!

So lets’ stop tip toeing around them! And to say if it leads to a TRUMP presidency “bernieorbust” then so be it should show us we are wasting time talking to people who “if my candidate doesn’t win then I’ll take my ball and go home! The HELL with the COUNTRY”!

To which I say if you don’t care about MY COUNTRY, then take your damn ball and GIT! And let ADULTS get on with the business of AMERICA!

To be a Bernie supporter is one thing, but “BERNIEORBUST”? You are so hypocritical! You say the DEMOCRAT PARTY IS SO CORRUPT?


Another GREAT thing about this Country is you can run as an INDEPENDENT! You don’t have to hide behind CORRUPT existing political parties!  You can have your OWN PURE PARTY! Just so you know NEXT TIME!





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It’s 2016 and my New Years resolution is join the far right in not being “PC”! NO I ain’t joining the Republican party! I just want to be able to talk to them since they have decided not to be “PC”! Lets see who blinks first!

I am NOT antisemitic! Anti-Zionist? Maybe! Depending on the definition. Too often the word hate is used in the definition of both.

As I have said in previous postings, I feel the need to define terms, as Top Gun felt “the need for Speed”. I DON’T HATE PEOPLE! ANY PEOPLE!

I strongly disagree with the many, many of the actions of Israel. And to do so IS NOT anti-Semitic. I don’t care how many times you say it is, how loud you say it or who says it.

So If we define Zionist as one who supports “the return of the Jewish people to their homeland and the resumption of Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel.” Then I probably am anti-Zionist. For too many reasons to go into in this post.

Suffice it to say, I have a problem with taking land from people, to give to another and then refusing to allow those displaced to ever return, while encouraging Jews from all over the world to come to Israel. It’s a thing called the “Right of Return”. It’s important!

I have a problem with taking land because a book, sacred to many, but still a book, written by who knows who, said, it’s O.K.

Having lived in the middle-east for many years, and having been there just a year ago, believe me I know just how much can be lost in translation. Trust me!  Never mind translation, just a story told over and over changes with each telling. Like the time back in 1960 Adana…….well never mind, Just trust me on this!

So I might be an Anti-Zionist, but I should say, as an atheist, I don’t have a dog in that fight when it comes to religion. So my logic is totally void of religious influence. Whereas it appears Zionism is based almost entirely on Religion. So there!

I am EXTREMELY worried that our relationship with Israel threatens our Democracy!

Slavery aside, I believe in America. I believe in so-called “American Values”. I believe in Americans as basically good people. Because I believe in these things, I choose to believe   Americans in general support Israel without knowing why except for religious reasons.

I am suggesting we examine more secular reasons why we support Israel with our eyes wide open. Our understanding of Israel has never been more crucial. As Israeli’s like to say, “our very existence is at stake”. Our PRESS WILL NOT TELL US THE TRUTH ABOUT OUR ALLY!

So let us begin with, did you read or hear about the front page article run in the NYT, which some, including me, found not only to be an ad for AIPAC,(the strongest Jewish lobby in America) but extremely offensive. When ANYONE, country or PAC THREATENS the President of MY COUNTRY, I tend to go all stars and stripes on them!


This was taken from the Mondoweiss (http://mondoweiss.net/) commenting on the NYT article:

The tone of the current dispute is raising concerns among some of Mr. Obama’s allies who say it is a new low in relations between AIPAC and the White House. They say they are worried that, in working to counter AIPAC’s tactics and discredit its claims about the nuclear accord with Iran, the president has gone overboard in criticizing the group and like-minded opponents of the deal.

“It’s somewhat dangerous, because there’s a kind of a dog whistle here that some people are going to hear as ‘it’s time to go after people,’ and not just rhetorically,” said David Makovsky, a former Middle East adviser for the Obama administration and now an analyst at the Washington Institute for Near East Studies.

Wait a second! AIPAC is spending $20-40 million to defeat the president’s signature foreign policy achievement. It is acting in concert with a right wing foreign leader. This same group, and same foreign leader, lobbied for the Iraq war, an unending disaster in US foreign policy. Why not “go after” them? Instead, the Times is publishing pure propaganda for the right wing Israel lobby, several of whose members are quoted in the article — Makovsky, Malcolm Hoenlein, and Marshall Wittmann. –

This was taken from the same article:

“Ronald Reagan opposed AIPAC when he defied Israeli objections over the sale in 1981. A decade later, George H. W. Bush took on the group during a fight over housing loan guarantees for Israel, saying he was just “one lonely little guy” going up against a thousand lobbyists on Capitol Hill.”

The housing loan guarantees fight was especially interesting. Please read but here is a snippet:

Published: September 15, 1991

WASHINGTON, Sept. 14— As President Bush faces off against Congress in his effort to delay its consideration of $10 billion in loan guarantees for Israel, he confronts one of the most powerful lobbies in the capital.

Israel’s supporters in American politics put at least $4 million into last year’s election campaign, sent at least 1,000 volunteers to Capitol Hill last week and are trying very hard to sign up sizable, perhaps veto-proof majorities in Congress to back the loan guarantees, which are meant to help Israel provide housing for its large influx of Soviet Jewish émigrés.

President Bush, who wants consideration of the guarantees delayed until January, portrayed himself at a news conference on Thursday as “one lonely little guy” contending against “powerful political forces” who want Congress to act without delay.”

 “the loan guarantees, which are meant to help Israel provide housing for its large influx of Soviet Jewish émigrés.”

Remember I said the “right of return” was important!

Understand we are NOT talking about the NRA or any other domestic lobby. This is a foreign Country! Friend or not it is a FOREIGN COUNTRY!

You see the problem I have here is that I do understand how lobbying works. But there is, and has to be, a line not to be crossed. Lobbying crosses the line when it becomes “interference”! It crosses the line when it is NOT registered as a foreign agent but acts as such.

AIPAC is an instrument of the Israeli government and always has been. And therefore should be registered as a foreign agent. But Israel has fought this tooth and nail. Yet The same woman who referred to Palestinians as “snakes” recently presented a bill in Knesset that would REQUIRE NGO’S in Israel primarily funded from foreign governments to register? demanding that the U.S. and EU governments not intervene in internal Israeli legislation.  REALLY?  read more: http://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/.premium-1.696880

I thought Netanyahu addressing a joint session of congress COULD BE seen as “intervening”.  BIG TIME! He could have declined. He could have said in the interest of US-Israeli relations, and since the White House was opposed based on the timing, I respectfully decline. But his political aspirations would not allow that. He had an election coming up. So election trumps relations. Definitely no pun intended!

Nitanyahu makes all the news shows and constantly reminds us that Israel is our closes ally. We have “shared values”. I personally don’t think so! As I said from the onset religion has NOTHING to do with my opinion! When you say “Shared Values to me, I’m thinking fairness, justice, truthfulness. I don’t see these things coming from Israel.

Of course we really don’t hear anything about that! Which again speaks to my point of the “Blackout” of  negative news in America about Israel.

Conservatives are lousy at governing but unbelievably good at disinformation and getting their message out. Hear it enough you start to believe it. But let’s take a look at this “shared values” thing. I try to ALWAYS leave links to references whenever possible. I don’t want anyone to just take my word at face value. Although I must say I’m a pretty honest person. That said!

Did you know that Israel attacked a US Navy ship killing 34 crewmen and wounding another 174.  This happened in 1967 and in my humble opinion greatly shaped US-Israeli relations. http://whatreallyhappened.com/WRHARTICLES/ussliberty.html

Did you know that we have told the world the Israel-Palestine issue has to be resolved between direct negotiations between the parties? And have used our Veto powers in the UN to shield Israel. You did?

Well did you know that while we were telling the world that, the Likud party of which Netanyahu is the leader, and currently the ruling party of  Israel has ALWAYS maintained that Jerusalem would NEVER be divided and would always remain under Israeli rule? That is kind of important since a big part of the two state solution rests on east Jerusalem being the Capital of Palestinian state.

Yet after more than six years of recent negotiations with the Palestinians, Netanyahu the head of the LIKUD party said on the eve of this last Israeli election there would be no two state solutions on his watch? Many believe that pronouncement won him the election.

This was while Netanyahu was telling CNN they needed a “partner in peace”! He lied to our faces! And made us look like fools to the rest of the world.

Recently President Carter who probably knows more about this than anyone living or dead, said the two state solution is dead BECAUSE of ISRAEL. NOT PALESTINE!

Did you know during Israel’s 2014 attack on GAZA  another a member of the Likud party Ayelet Shaked  posted on her Face Book page the following referring to the Palestinians:

“They are all enemy combatants, and their blood shall be on all their heads. Now this also includes the mothers of the martyrs, who send them to hell with flowers and kisses. They should follow their sons, nothing would be more just. They should go, as should the physical homes in which they raised the snakes. Otherwise, more little snakes will be raised there. “

Over 500 Palestinian children died in last year’s attack on GAZA. I’m sure Ayelet Shaked was thrilled!!

I asked a friend of mine, after last year’s incursion into GAZA , how could he blindly support Israel after over 500 Palestinian children were killed? His answer was “children die in war”! He was so cavalier about it. How can you be that cavalier about the death of Palestinian children, and expect empathy for the Holocaust? Just imagine someone saying “yeah the Holocaust was bad, but in war sh*t happens get over it!” I dare you!

But then again they were ONLY Palestinian babies! Not Jewish babies!

Did you know Netanyahu, appointed Ayelet Shaked; yes that same Ayelet Shaked , Minister of Justice? I think that speaks volumes. The woman who looks at Palestinians lower or equal to “snakes” as the MINISTER OF JUSTICE?

Did you know that illegal settlements continue to be built as of this post? Illegal according to the U.N.  https://youtu.be/1sib5HbdEV4

Did you know Mohammed Abu Khdeir a Palestinian teenager was BURNED TO DEATH prior to the 2014 attack on Gaza?

Did you know that an 18 mo Palestinian baby named Ali, and his father and mother were BURNED TO DEATH by the same illegal settlers?  This seems to be the weapon of chose by these cowards. His 4 yr old brother is hanging on by a thread. Still no one has been convicted! Yet we make movies glorifying how good Israeli intelligence is! Another just came out this week,Tracking down German Nazi’s ALL OVER THE WORLD! But can’t find the people responsible for this heinous crime in an area 141 sq miles! BULL!

I guess this falls under the label of “Israel has a right to defend itself”! Because we know Ali would have grown up to be a “terrorist”! And fighting “Terrorism” is a part of our “SHARED VALUES”!

Did you know that 90% of attacks by Israeli illegal settlers on Palestinians go uncharged?

Did you know Israel is an APARTHEID state? Yes I said APARTHEID!

Did you know a new luxury apartment complex in Israel under construction in the Ajami neighborhood of Jaffa is only offering homes to Jewish buyers. Shared Values?

“in a revealing radio interview in 2010, the United States senator indicated he believed God had chosen him to be a guardian of Israel. “[M]y name, as you know, comes from a Hebrew word,” Schumer said to Nachum Segal, founder of “the Jewish world’s premier English-language internet radio network.” The Hebrew word, Schumer said, is “shomer, which means guardian. My ancestors were guardians of the ghetto wall in Chortkov [in the Ukraine] and I believe Hashem [God], actually, gave me that name, as one of my roles that is very important in the United States Senate [is] to be a shomer for Israel. And I will continue to be that with every bone in my body.”….

Of course this is just twitter, but what’s going around in “twitter world” is that Schumer: is talking about “Secondary sanctions” on Europe to force Iran back to the negotiation table. I’m trying to run down the quote. As I said this is “twitter world” talk. But IF true,and he utters this nonsense in any official capacity, it should trigger an immediate recall. This is not the rhetoric of a US Senator but rather that of a member of the Knesset.

 Dahlia Scheindlin @dahliasc speaks of what she calls “Dual Loyalties” as an out, for Jewish politicians. I’m sorry I don’t know of any such reference in the oath they took.

And all this rhetoric about “IRAN MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO GET A NUCLEAR WEAPON”!  Is crazy talk to begin with.

Iran threatened to wipe Israel off the map! I get that. That was uttered by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. HE IS NO LONGER THE PRESIDENT!

Russia threatened us the same way. The difference was they actually HAD the bomb. What I don’t get, is why it is necessary for the United States of America to go to war with Iran because of it.

 Our deal with is Israel, is to have their back against any aggression. ACTUAL AGGRESSION! We would be PLAIN STUPID to go to war with Iran, because of rhetoric!

And please don’t give me that same old tired Neville Chamberlain argument. There is no comparison to be had here. Certainly not an intelligent one.

If Israel doesn’t want the proliferation of nuclear weapons in the Middle-East, why does Israel refuse to ratify the Non-proliferation Treaty?

Because ISRAEL has Nuclear weapons and everyone knows it. Netanyahu during his address to the joint session said “Israel can defend itself”. THEN DO IT ALREADY!

How can we just be blind to these things? America is better than this. Americans are better than this.

Israel wants us to get a better deal with Iran. I want a better deal with Israel. Before it’s too late! Israel has entirely too much influence in our politics and on our Politicians!

The amount of money Israeli lobbyist pay our ELECTED Politician’s is obscene.

To all those who want to “TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK ” OR MAKE  AMERICA GREAT AGAIN ” OR ANY  any other such nonsense…START HERE! Lets see if you serious or Et tu  BRUTE?

To the rest of us remember they are an ally NOT the 51st STATE!








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I’m Not A Journalist, I Just Play One On Television……………And I wouldn’t be caught dead in a Holiday Inn!


I recently watched Smerconish on CNN. He brings on Michael Muskasey , former U.S. Attorney General. Now the discussion was on the never-ending emails of Sec. Clinton. That day the State Dept. says 22 of the emails will not be released because they have been deemed “TOP SECRET”! So among other things, Muskasey says, “well since the emails were not released at all, it’s apparent someone must have removed the classification in order to get them on the Secretaries server. That’s a Federal offense!”

I must admit that upon hearing it I thought about the relationship between Vampires and Radishes. A guy sees a farmer planting radishes and asks if he has been hurt with his crop of radishes like so many other farmers. The farmer says, oh these are not for market; it’s to keep the Vampires away. The guy says Vampires? There are NO Vampires! The farmer says, yeah these radishes really work! “

This email thing is just another Republican attempt to injure Secretary Clinton. She sat thru 11 hours before a house committee on her emails. The umpteenth investigation.  And the only reason it was televised is because she INSISTED on it being televised. The committee wanted it to be closed-door. That way they could continue with baseless accusations and innuendo. But this way the American people saw EXACTLY what it was about. NOTHING!

I know we are in the so-called “Silly Season” of the political process. But it’s getting serious now. The press is SELECTING the Presidential Nominees. CNN talks about Donald Trump 24/7. Fox has an ongoing Reality Show with Donald Trump and is too stupid to know that’s the ONLY THING he knows! He is going to win and we lose. By the way I watched the last Republican Debate and as a Democrat, to me it was the ONLY substantive one they’ve had. Of course I didn’t agree with the answers but I did the questions. At least they touched on issues rather than, “did you hear what Trump said about your mama”?

The networks are picking the nominees AND THAT IS WRONG! And I’m a Democrat and should be ecstatic because the selection on Donald J. Trump all but guarantees a Democratic WIN! But it’s deeper than that. Donald Trump says “I’m going to deport 11 million undocumented people and they will have to come back thru this “beautiful wall” which I will build and I will get Mexico to pay for it”!

Now, I’ve already said I’m NOT a Conservative BUT! I thought one of the major tenants of Conservatism is “SMALLER GOVERNMENT”! If I’m right then WHY has NOT ONE so-called “Journalist” PUSHED Trump to explain at least one of his plans. How would that work WITHOUT increasing the size of Government? How much will the “BEAUTIFUL “wall cost? And HOW and WHY would Mexico pay for it? Not to mention the ex President of Mexico, says “that’s silly! Why would Mexico pay for some %^&% Wall?”

He wants to stop allowing Muslims from coming into the country? AT WHAT COST? Any fool knows WITHOUT them, defeating ISIS or DASH is perhaps impossible. So are WE going back in, because no matter what you think of Muslims they aren’t STUPID! Asking them to form a coalition BEHIND you since they ALL want to LEAD, and then tell them they are NOT WELCOME in our country?  HOW EXACTLY does that work? He wants to “bomb the hell out of ISIS and take the oil”; does he understand that Iraq is a sovereign Country? How to you intend to TAKE the oil?

And EXACTLY WHEN was America GREAT since it no longer is? Was it before Political Correctness? Perhaps when John Wayne was kicking Santa Ana’s Ass at the ALAMO? EXACTLY WHEN?

And why would a war be a better strategy than the Deal the President made? Or the way our sailors were released. One candidate said it was a shame to see our sailors “stripped of dignity” with their hands over their heads. Why didn’t you ask “What would you have done?”  Better yet, WHAT should they have done? Fight it out? And you do know that we were NOT the only country involved in this deal. And do you know what would happen if your first day in office you back out of the deal? So many questions, so few Journalists! ASK THE DAMN QUESTION ALREADY!

And when you had two CUBAN Senators, arguing over immigration has NOT ONE journalist brought up the “WET FOOT DRY FOOT doctrine!  For those that may not know. You see if you are CUBAN none of this “crap” applies. All you have to do is reach “shore” hence “dry foot” and you are good to go and be eligible for FULL CITIZENSHIP IN ONE YEAR”. Government subsidies etc. Why do you think you don’t hear Florida Cubans exerting their formidable political influence into this argument? IT DOES NOT APPLY TO THEM. In other words they don’t have no skin in the game!  “Wet foot” means if you are caught at sea you will be returned to Cuba. Yeah Right! Wink, Wink! Yet these two argue over “Dreamers” and a path to citizenship?
Aljazeera America filed Bankruptcy and will stop broadcasting in April! And it’s a damn shame!

Now we have to get our News from Screen Actors Guild (SAG) members! Actors!

We should insist they stay in a Holiday Inn AT LEAST once a year!






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