Recently the Chicago Police Department released a video of a white Police officer shooting 17yr old Laquan McDonald 16 times. An 18-month-old Palestinian boy, his mother and father were burned to death after settlers set fire to his family house in … Continue reading

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December 14, 2012

It too is a day that will live in infamy. This is the day “Sandy Hook” became a National known like “9/11”. You don’t have to explain it. Everybody knows what happened.

And unfortunately it became the day that showed we cared more about a damn gun that took the lives of so many babies than babies themselves.

The possession of your GUN outweighs the life of all those babies? And  please don’t give me that same tired argument that mental illness is the cause. Of course Mental Illness is the reason ANY person would even think of such a thing let alone carry it out Captain Obvious!

BUT IT WAS THE GUN AND THE BULLETS THAT KILLED ALL THOSE BABIES. And perhaps had he not had that type of weapon SOMEONE may have been able to stop him. MAYBE! But out of all the mass shootings carry out with semi automatic weapons, how many were stopped by a “good guy with a gun”?  The only good guy with a gun that stopped a mass killing, I know of, was a lot of cops.

Just because you take a gun safety course and get a piece of paper that says you can carry a gun,  you better pray to whatever God you believe in that you are never in that position. Unless you have killed a man with a gun before, the ONLY course that can prepare you for that is one in which someone is shooting BACK AT YOU! It aien’t  like in the movies. Most people will freeze and the others end up shooting someone they didn’t  intend to.

It’s time for all the anti Planned Parenthood  GUN OWNERS to stand up and show the same PASSION FOR THE SANDY HOOK BABIES.

You want to SAVE babies, then help PASS LAWS that may prevent another Sandy Hook!

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It Ain’t All About You!

I ran across this by accident, and for several reason felt compelled to respond.

First was the characterization of the Black Lives Matter movement as somehow being anti-Semitic. Yeah!

The other was “Playing the anti-Semitic card”!

Now of course,this is “JUST ONE PERSON!” But as I’ve said  Israel has become the “third rail”, NOT TO BE TOUCHED! It appears that ANY criticism is immediately labeled anti-Semitic and therefore without merit. But this woman has taken it to new high. Accusing the Black Lives Matter movement as an “anti-Semitic movement.”

My first response was Trump-like! WOW!

Watch and make up your own mind!

This woman’s video surpasses anything that I might write to prove my point that the anti-Semitic, Holocaust card is played WAY TOO MUCH!

Look, I don’t agree with everything that everyone “proclaiming” to be in the Black Lives Movement does. But the downside of an organization which is decentralized is you can’t control who claims to be associated with it. Nor can you denounce every action taken, in the name of Black Lives Matter! Like TO ME, the “interrupt” tactic ,when Bernie Sanders was speaking was plain STUPID! But for me, I didn’t know Bernie was Jewish until the Iran deal came up and everyone started talking about Jewish lawmakers.

So, let’s be clear: Black Lives Matter came about loosely after Trayvon Martin’s death  but picked up in intensity after Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson, etc. etc.

It’s about Black people being killed by Police!

The statistics of Black unarmed men and women killed by Police is hard to wrap your mind around.

So many have tried to “Change the Subject” by saying “Stop saying Black Lives Matter” and say “All lives Matter”.

When Police start KILLING ALL PEOPLE we will. Until then “Black Lives Matter” is the subject.

And the Black Lives Matter movement has NOTHING to do with Antisemitism!

When EVERYTHING is anti-Semitic or somehow related the Holocaust , you have a mental problem for which you should seek help.

Or you are using it to say, because we are Jewish you CAN NOT criticize us or the State of Israel because of the Holocaust!

To which I say, “BULL”! Apartheid is Apartheid! But that’s for another conversation!

I believe, the world becomes a better place by shining the light of constructive criticism on it. ( I just made that up………so I could be wrong!)

Anyway, this is just one woman who speaks only for herself.


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The Danger of SYNONYMS!

Recently someone, who shall remain unnamed, accused me of attacking their religion (Christianity) by criticizing Israeli settlers and the Israeli government. My criticism was brought on by the firebombing of a Palestinian family’s home by Jewish settlers. 

That act, resulted in an 18 month old BABY named Ali, his father, and his mother BEING BURNED ALIVE. His 4 yr old brother has survived. So far! To say I was upset is an understatement. But, I apologized for my profanity!

I was also critical of Israel’s undermining of President Obama’s effort in the so-called “Iran Deal”. The option to which, in my OPINION, is WAR!

Anyway, I was so blind-sided by this accusation; it took me some time and discussions with family members to wrap my mind around it. Because of the way I was confronted, I felt compelled to address this in a public way, in the event this person repeats this accusation to others. This is not out of the question!

As Popeye the sailor would say “I yam what I yam”!

MY NAME IS MY NAME and the reputation attached, is important to me. That includes my birth name, pseudonyms, or “nick-names” by which I may be known.

I am an Atheist and as such, have NO religious interest, and NEVER write about RELIGION, and try to avoid TALKING about it. Anything that appears on this Blog and written by me, is STRICTLY from a political perspective! If I reference Religion, here, or in speaking about political issues, I attempt to do so within a POLITICAL FRAMEWORK!

But I will defend to the death, YOUR right to your religious beliefs, no matter what those beliefs might be. Whether Christian, or Muslim or Hinduism, Judaism or any other!

When I joined the US military, in part, that’s what I thought I was doing.  Defending those VERY rights. YOURS and MINE!

War taught me many things. Not the least of which, is WAR IS INSANE! And I will speak against it whenever and, wherever I can. Even if it makes me sound crazy! What is that song…? “I love it (I don’t care)”?  Well when it comes to speaking out about WARI DON’T CARE!”

This BLOG exists partly for that reason. I deal with national and international issues. But it is NOT a travel log. So I’m sure from time to time I will say things which you may disagree with. THAT’S FINE! I don’t profess to be an expert on everything I write about. I encourage the sharing of views. AND I WILL NEVER, INTENTIONALLY SAY OR WRITE, ANYTHING I KNOW TO BE OFFENSIVE!

HOWEVER, my point is your rights STOP where mine BEGIN!

I am NOT a professional writer nor do I pretend to be one. If you are reading this, then that’s obvious. But I thought I had better mention it just in case you are not reading this. (Insert laugh here).

But because I am not a professional, doesn’t mean I SPEAK or WRITE in SYNONYMS.

When I say “America”, this IS NOT a synonym for “Christianity”!

When I say “India”, this IS NOT a synonym for “Hinduism”!

When I say “Israel”, this IS NOT a synonym for “Judaism”!

When I say “Turkey”, this IS NOT a synonym for “Islam”!

I will probably never be a renowned bestselling author, but I know the difference between a religion and a country. And unless you can prove you are “Mr. Spock” I will not allow you to tell me what I’m thinking!


Criticizing Israel IS NOT anti-Semitic.

Criticizing Turkey IS NOT an attack on Islam.

You can’t play that card with me! No matter how many times you say it or how LOUD you say it…IT JUST AIN’T!


Can you imagine how difficult communication becomes, if YOU THINK in SYNONYMS and others don’t?  Talk about “LOL”!

Imagine overhearing a conversation where one person tells another:

 “Since I’m retired now, I think I’ll take a trip to Christianity and from there we might visit Hinduism”! Try booking that ticket!

That’s what it SOUNDS like when you THINK in SYNONYMS.  A SYNONYM for that type of thinking might be “C-R-A-Z-Y!”

And to the person who accused me of insulting their religion. Next time someone says something like I did, you might consider acting like a grownup and say “I’m not comfortable talking about this!” Or ” I find your comments offensive”. I would have apologized, and never mentioned it again. I think most people would do the same. Just a suggestion!

Separation of state and church is part of my DNA! An upcoming post will address that very issue, as it relates to the current US political primaries. (This was written before this came up.)

I welcome ALL criticism.  I can handle it!  If you think I’m moron, say so, it’s OK I can handle it. No matter how vile, your remarks about me, or my comments, it will be published!



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Why I never became a Navy Seal

But before I get to that, I want to begin by examining portions of an article from the New Yorker magazine. It was a compilation of many interviews with Darin Wilson, the cop who killed Michael Brown, and his wife Barb.

Trust me it is relevant.


 AUGUST 10, 2015 ISSUE

The Cop

Darren Wilson was not indicted for shooting Michael Brown. Many people question whether justice was done.


“In our many discussions, Wilson rarely spoke of Michael Brown. Twice, I asked him if he had reflected on what kind of person Brown was. The first time I asked, it was early May, and Brown’s parents had just filed their civil lawsuit against him. “You do realize that his parents are suing me?” he said. “So I have to think about him.” He went on, “Do I think about who he was as a person? Not really, because it doesn’t matter at this point. Do I think he had the best upbringing? No. Not at all! His tone was striking, given Wilson’s own turbulent childhood.

Six weeks later, Wilson told me that he had never really had a chance to contemplate who Brown was, because he had been preoccupied by the maelstrom that followed the shooting. I asked him if he thought Brown was truly a “bad guy,” or just a kid who had got himself into a bad situation. “I only knew him for those forty-five seconds in which he was trying to kill me, so I don’t know,” Wilson said.

Barb also said that she rarely thought about Brown. But she thought about a woman named Stephanie Edwards, whom she knew well. Edwards was the mother of Louis Head, Brown’s stepfather. Before becoming a cop, Barb had worked with Edwards at a grocery store. Barb says that they talked every day for roughly ten years, learning minute details of each other’s lives, but they didn’t keep in touch when Barb became a cop.”

In another portion of the several interviews Wilson said:

“Good values, Wilson insisted, needed to be learned at home. He spoke of a black single mother, in Ferguson, who was physically disabled and blind. She had several teen-age children, who “ran wild,” shooting guns, dealing drugs, and breaking into cars.

Wilson, who is from Texas, is the son of a woman who repeatedly broke the law. His mother, Tonya Dean, stole money, largely by writing hot checks. After completing high school, she married Wilson’s father, John, who had been her English teacher. They soon had two children to support—Darren and his younger sister, Kara—but Dean spent wildly. She left John Wilson for another man, Tyler Harris, who ran a Y.M.C.A. They had a child, Jared, and Darren and Kara lived with them. “Tonya had me in debt—almost twenty thousand dollars—that first year,” Harris told me. Dean, it seems, often repaid debts to one person by stealing money from someone else.

The family eventually moved to St. Peters, west of St. Louis. When Wilson was thirteen, he stopped trusting his mother altogether, because she stole funds that she had helped raise for his Boy Scout troop. He worried that she would steal what little money he made working summer jobs, so he opened two bank accounts. The first, which had almost no money in it, was a decoy. He put his real earnings in the second, secret account. Wilson also tried to preempt his mother’s stealing. Once, he warned a friend’s parents not to let her inside their house, because she would surely find a way to steal their identities and max out their credit cards.”

O.K. So what has this have to do with me never becoming a Navy Seal? Everything! When I joined the military right out of high school, I had to go on a special diet in order to gain weight to meet the minimum weight requirements. I was a really small kid. Anyway, most people know about the Seals but few know that it really is an acronym for Sea, Air, and Land Teams. My problem was my size, but beginning with the fact that not only could I not swim, I was apparently too small to carry the weight required to be a SEAL.

My point is, all the discussion about the need for better police training shows a lack of understanding of the problem. Police don’t kill people because of the lack of training. Police kill people because so many should not be cops in the first place. Like I couldn’t have, shouldn’t have, been a Navy SEAL, Darin Wilson should not have been a cop. Period!!! The Navy could have taught me to swim, could have lightened my pack, and helped me overcome other disqualifying issues. But, at what cost? Perhaps the lives of my team members! In this case it cost the life of unarmed Michael Brown.

Wilson said: “I only knew him for those forty-five seconds in which he was trying to kill me, so I don’t know,”

So his intent was to kill you?

 Really?  We hear that a lot! 

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A Sheriff in Texas stated, after a trooper was killed at gas Station: “Cops Lives Matter too”!

“Let’s just drop the “BLACK LIVES MATTER RHETORIC”!

Why would you associate the “Black Lives Matter” movement to this?

Did the suspect say “I killed him because I’m a member of the Black Lives Matter movement”?


It’s like every time a cop kills an unarmed Black man we want to immediately CHANGE THE SUBJECT  and talk about “black on black crime”!


I’m sick and tired of this “all lives matter” crap. Of course ALL lives matter. But what you are really trying to do is CHANGE THE SUBJECT.

I’m sorry about this trooper’s death. I’m sorry for his family and children. 24 cops were killed this year. And that is a shame.

But the fact remains THAT AN ESTIMATED 102 people who died during encounters with law enforcement in 2015 were unarmed. They TOO had families. And Children!

This is an estimate because the police are NOT REQUIRED to keep track of police shootings. But they can tell you at the drop of a hat how many police have been killed.

The difference is that even when we have video of COPS KILLING UNARMED BLACK MEN, they will most likely NEVER be arrested or  be indicted by a Grand Jury, and go to trial.


In this case the suspect is in custody, and bet your LAST dollar he is indicted, convicted, and TEXAS will execute him!  And If  he did it, rightfully so!


The sheriff blames the killing of the Trooper on the “rhetoric” “BLACK LIVES MATTER”!

He says “Let’s just drop the “BLACK LIVES MATTER RHETORIC”!

RHETORIC, designed to get people all worked up to kill cops.  Outside agitators!

NOT THIS TIME SHERIFF! I’ve seen this movie too many times.



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The Day Israel Attacked America.

Where were you on 6/8/1967.  Nearly everyone can remember where they were on 9/11 when we were attacked by Al Qaeda. But I’m fairly certain almost no one remembers where they were on 6/8/1967 (If they were born) when we were attacked by ISRAEL

If you are finished laughing I’ll continue. I admit I had to think for a moment. But yeah, I remember! I was at Incirlik AB Turkey. It was the 4th day of the 6 day war between Israel and Egypt, Jordan and Syria. The 6th of June 1967. But what I couldn’t have remembered, because I didn’t know until this week, thanks to a film by directed by Richard Belfield, and produced by James Scott and Elaine Morris, is that on that day Israel attacked and attempted to sink the USS Liberty.

34 killed 172 injured, 2/3 of the crew. Israel said it was a MISTAKE! Sound familiar? That word was used a lot some 47 years later  in the latest incursion into GAZA. Why not? It seems to work. The survivors of the attack on the USS Liberty say it’s a lie! And they can PROVE it. They have the audio tapes. Israel knew exactly who we were. The film is called “The day Israel attacked America”.


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A Palestinian Epiphany

Today I had an “epiphany”.  I’ve waited YEARS to use this word!

But at last, “@Palestine” (which reports the latest news & commentary on Palestine), published an article that gave me the chance. It was entitled “What it is to be Palestinian in The US”.

Now, I write and tweet about Palestine all the time. Here and any place I can. Because, I believe, as Black Americans we have to continue to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time. We can’t allow ourselves to be isolated and expect to win. Our struggle IS and always has been GLOBAL! As it was when we supported Madiba (A name affectionately used to refer to Nelson Mandela) as he fought APARTHEID in South Africa and we fought RACISM in America. That fight continues today! But in writing about APARTHEID in Israel, my concentration has always been focused on those imprisoned in the West Bank and GAZA.

Hence my “epiphany”! Cable News has had hours of shows dedicated to the use of the so-called “N” word. Careers ended for the use of it. Paula Deen comes to mind.

Charges of  Antisemitism likewise killing careers. Helen Thomas comes to mind.

Charges of homophobia killing careers.  Isaiah Washington comes to mind.

But most importantly, all have POLITICAL CORRECTNESS attached.

For just a moment close your eyes. Imagine yourself being PALESTINIAN, here in the United States, watching the Republican debate and hearing every last Republican candidate say: “If elected my FIRST phone call will be to Bibi (affectionately used to refer to Israeli PM Netanyahu) to assure him, there is NO daylight between Israel and the United States!” “We stand with Israel because of our shared Values“!

What a Palestinian might feel, hearing this is, what you are really saying is:”no matter what you do to Palestinians “we got your back”! Including illegal settlers burning an 18 mo old Palestinian baby to death?

The following day, Cable News was NOT ablaze with “did you hear what Carly Fiorina said last night”?

The reason is simple.

In the US there is “NO POLITICAL CORRECTNESS” for Palestinians!

What a shame! And I do mean “SHAME”!



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Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby charged Six Baltimore policemen involved in the Freddie Gray homicide with various charges including 2nd degree murder Friday.

But my fear is that it will be squandered by Conservatives and Liberals and Libertarians and everyone else. Because after 26 years as a System Analyst my one TRUTH is, “you can NEVER solve a problem you don’t understand.”

Police brutality is not a problem solved by cameras, Diversity, or any other Band-aid

Yes when Walter Lamer Scott was killed in South Carolina a camera helped when he was shot four times “IN THE BACK”. But In New York Eric Gardner was killed by a white policeman on video where the cop waved at the camera after Eric’s body was taken away. In Missouri a Black female cop told her fellow White officers to hold up on beating a man until she turned the dash camera off. Cameras are NOT the solution!

Police brutality is not a problem solved by DIVERSITY!

Yes in Ferguson the police department would be helped by more minority members in that particular department. But I doubt it would have saved Michael Brown. Because in Baltimore Freddie Gray was killed by six officers, three of which were black. Two men one woman. Diversity is NOT the solution.


When he or she puts on that uniform, badge and more importantly that GUN, they cease being white or black or brown or yellow or any other color other than BLUE. ASK THEM!

It appears they are also issued an exemption from the laws they swear to enforce. And that the public is the enemy. And I can lock you up for not showing me the respect I obviously deserve because I wear this uniform. In short “fear me”! I can also KILL YOU!

It’s politically correct to say “we are not talking about all cops” Well I’m not politically correct. I am talking about ALL cops. Until they prove me wrong. If a cop breaks a man’s arm while on the ground screaming “I’m not resisting” and 10 other cops stand around with their hands on their hips watching as we saw on a local news broadcast. Or the man in San Bernardino who after a police chase was spread eagle on the ground, repeatedly kicked in the groin while other late arriving cops got their kicks in. Or let a dog loose on a friend of mine, who was handcuffed on the ground, stopped for speeding. And not one cop said a word. I made the mistake of viewing the Rodney King arrest tape of 1991 for this piece. We all should take another look at it!

While only four crazed cops were charged, 10-20 others watched. NOT ONE COP INTERVIENED! NOT ONE COP REPORTED IT.

Yes it’s a dangerous job! But you knew or certainly should have known that when you volunteered. No one is drafted to my knowledge. I knew when I volunteered for the military I could get killed. So what? If you can’t deal with that maybe another profession is in order. The ONLY solution to police brutality lies with changing police culture.


It’s so cliché but true, if you wear the uniform, you are either the solution or the problem! Terrorism taught us “See something Say Something.”! This applies more so to cops.

Everyone loves to say the majority of cops  are a good hard working cops. I say BULL! PROVE IT.

You have a choice to be a “GOOD” cop by “See something ,Say Something.” or just another “BAD” cop hiding behind the The Blue Wall of silence.

So Choose!






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A Conversation On GAZA PT 2

I want to continue by looking at the validity of claims by the IDF.

Israel claims it invaded GAZA over the death of 3 Jewish teens killed by HAMAS in June! However HAMAS denied any involvement. Then they said it was men affiliated with HAMAS. The latest is it was a high ranking HAMAS official. So without presenting ANY proof of HAMAS involvement they invaded GAZA killing around 2000 people. The UN said the majority of those killed were civilians. And of those civilians, 500 were children. (update…..August 21: Saleh al-Arouri reported to be a high ranking HAMAS official living in Turkey, took credit for the kidnapping and murder…other High Ranking officials of HAMAS, including those in peace negotiations remain to say they have no knowledge of this.) 

Israel said HAMAS violated a cease fire by jumping out of a tunnel, killing 2 Israeli soldiers and “kidnapping” a third. “Kidnapping” is a curious term for a soldier supposedly under the control of the enemy. We normally use the term “captured” for soldiers and “kidnapped” for civilians. This again speaks to why we use the term “terrorist”. If they are “terrorist” then they have no legitimacy. Israeli fighters are referred to as soldiers. HAMAS fighters are “terrorist” fighters. Labels matter!

At any rate, per the IDF this “kidnapping” illustrated the need to destroy the tunnels in GAZA. So Israel pushed further into GAZA killing more civilians, because of the urgency to find the soldier before he could be moved. HAMAS denied the incident and denied they captured any soldier. Turned out the soldier wasn’t “captured” but was dead all the time.

Israel hit UN schools six times and blames it on HAMAS rockets which fell short. “But we are investigating!” How many times did we hear that. And the incident in which one school was hit and killed 16-18 people, Israel showed a very grainy film in which they finally admitted it was them, but then called the UN spokesman a liar. By saying “yes it was us, of course by mistake, and some may have been wounded, but no one could have been killed.” The UN representative was in the facility, but we are asked to believe the IDF and not the UN rep, because we know the UN is very anti-Israel. REALLY?

Any time you disagree with Israel in any way the “anti Israeli card” is played. And in this country, to question Israel’s right to exist (never mind the facts of how it was created) can cost you your job and reputation. Does Helen Thomas ring a bell?

Israel killed 4 children playing on a beach. Their response as usual “It couldn’t have been us it may have been a HAMAS rocket which fell short, but “we are investigating”. Because the hotel facing the beach was full of reporters, they finally said yes it was us…BUT we thought them to be HAMAS fighters. Really! You mistook nine and ten year old kids playing, for HAMAS fighters. Sorry! That’s a lie!

I think its evident Israel not only targets civilians, but CHILDREN.

This brings me to the issue of value of life. Why is a Jewish child’s life more valuable than a Palestinian child’s life? Israel and those who support Israel will deny this. But it must be! It must be because they killed almost 500 Palestinian children either to protect 1 Israeli child that might get hit by one of those rockets. Or, in retaliation for 3 Israeli teens. Or self-defense against terrorist pooping up out of those tunnels under kindergartners desks. Never mind that the only video of fighters emerging from these tunnels were in a field in which all were killed, and at a Israeli military post in which several Israeli soldiers were killed. No kindergartners!  Unfortunately, a lot and I mean a LOT of Palestinian kindergartners won’t see 1st grade. EVER!

So it was reported (several days ago)   2 homes were destroyed and another cemented in because the occupants were suspected of being involved with the murder of the three teens. It always gets back to that. How can I not believe the lives of Israeli children are approximately 497 times that of Palestinian children?

And of course the Palestinian Child who was burned alive had nothing to do with the Palestinian rage. Or the two Palestinian children killed before the three Israeli teens. Or the Palestinian-American teen beaten by Israeli Police so badly he was almost unrecognizable. An AMERICAN CITIZEN! Or should I say a Palestinian-American. Because it does apparently make a difference. Therefore to say that these things don’t justify rockets being fired into Israel is to say “Palestinian Children Have NO VALUE”!

Why is it that the things that Israel does, like targeting a HAMAS leader, and missing him but killing his wife and child (2 days ago) in the middle of peace negotiations is insignificant. And certainly no reason to walk away from Peace Talks. It has already been reported that HAMAS broke the cease fire by firing rockets, and Israel simply responded. “Quite for “Quite”? Catchy phrase! Bulldozing homes and assassination attempts don’t count as disrupting the “QUITE”.

No matter WHAT Israel does or doesn’t do, they are exempt. Exactly why is that? Iran cannot be allowed to have a nuclear bomb. BUT ISRAEL CAN! This is from Reuters:

“(Reuters) – Israel on Saturday rejected as “flawed and hypocritical” a declaration by signatories of a global anti-nuclear arms treaty that urged it to sign the pact and make its atomic facilities subject to U.N. inspections.

All 189 parties to the Non-Proliferation Treaty, including the United States, called on Friday in a declaration that singled out Israel for a conference in 2012 to discuss banning weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East.

“As a non-signatory state of the NPT, Israel is not obligated by the decisions of this conference, which has no authority over Israel,” the Israeli government said in an emailed statement.

“Given the distorted nature of this resolution, Israel will not be able to take part in its implementation,” it said.

The 28-page declaration said U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and key states would arrange a conference that would include all nations in the region, by implication including bitter enemies Israel and Iran.

Israel is presumed to have a sizable nuclear arsenal but neither confirms nor denies it. It is the only Middle East state that has not signed the NPT and, like fellow non-members India and Pakistan, did not take part in the review conference.”

For those not keeping up with the significance of this, Israel is trying to push the United States into a confrontation with Iran on their behalf.  IRAN MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO HAVE A NUCLEAR WEAPON! I guess the rules are different for Israel!

Things like a cease fire are announced in GAZA. The terms of which are: during the cease fire Israel will continue destroying tunnels. When HAMAS rejects this, the media blitz is: Israel agreed to a cease fire but HAMAS rejects it”! Who ever heard of a cease fire while one side keeps on shooting? Sorry!  There was one. It was called the “Tet Offensive”!

Then there was the most famous Israeli narrative: “The UN has found Hamas rockets in UN schools three times”. Giving the impression, the bombs were under the desks of kindergartners, and thereby making it a legitimate target. And the media just repeated it almost word for word. Playing right into their second “go to” narrative. Which is: “HAMAS uses their children as human shields”. Like Erin Burnett of CNN saying “HAMAS benefits from these deaths. It’s a horrific fact”! FACT?  Ms Burnett I’m embarrassed for you and I don’t even know you. But this came after the Israeli Ambassador to the US, read you the riot act. I get it. CNN been berry berry good to you! I get it. But when you get a minute, name one reporter in GAZA that reports seeing children being used as Human Shields. Mark Regev constantly, and do mean constantly says, “Israel is not responsible for any deaths in GAZA! It’s HAMAS! Smacks of Golda Mier who said “We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children,” she claimed. “We cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children. We will have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us.”

This BS has become almost a part of their DNA. They have been saying it so long I think they truly believe it, even in the absence of fact. And it does play well in the U.S.  Ms. Burnett, your own Karl Pendhaul attempted to reign in your ridiculous comments but you refused to even recognize it. He told you that an announcement had just been made for people to get inside their homes. But it was for their protection. The flares Israel uses are canisters, and will kill you if you are struck. You either didn’t get it or didn’t want to get it.

But back to the bombs found in the schools. Nice try Mark Regev, but no cigar. John Ging, Operations Director at the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) did say something like that. Mark Regev ALMOST told the truth. But Israel has never allowed the truth to get in the way of the narrative. What was actually said, taken from the UN website was:

“July 30th: Yesterday, UNRWA condemned the finding of more rockets in one of its schools, and announced an investigation. Speaking to journalists alongside Mr. Eliasson, John Ging, Operations Director at the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), clarified that the rockets found were in schools abandoned by the UN due to the intensity of the conflict in those areas, and thanks to the due diligence and the investigative approach taken by the UN. “When they are in control of the school they can [be assured] that it is free of weapons and no one with arms is allowed in the school,” Mr. Ging said. Both militants and the Israeli Defense Forces had occupied those schools in the past, he added, “we deplore that but we cannot control” the schools when the UN is not physically present in the building.”

I have watched this conflict intensely since the incursion. Not once by any network have I heard “Both militants and the Israeli Defense Forces have occupied those schools”. NOT ONCE! I did hear one UN rep say, when asked by Wolf Blitzer of CNN, in reference to the discovery of the weapons “were those Hamas rockets?’” His response was “they don’t have tags on them saying “property of Hamas”! I assumed, as I am sure every other person hearing that thought the munitions may have been from some other organization other than Hamas. Like “another terrorist organization”. BUT never would I have thought the IDF. Because I never knew they too occupied those schools.

The one thing I never want my family to think of me, is that I am one of those crazy “conspiracy theorist”! You know the guy! Everything that happens is related Area 51. But come on! I’m obviously not a journalist, just look at how this piece is written. Nor am I an investigative reporter. So how is it I found that quote by John Ging by simply goggling “UN web page”?  Especially since the Spokesman for Netanyahu, Mark Regev mentioned it every time he came before the cameras. (Which seemed to be at least ten times a day?) No matter what he was asked, he reminded us, “ALL the civilian deaths were on the head of Hamas because the UN said HAMAS placed bombs in UN schools.”

But I can’t believe I was the ONLY one who thought to look up the entire quote? Really? The press just accepted what Mark Regev said. That in itself speaks volumes! Israel says it and so it is repeated as FACT! Why is that?

Given the facts, perhaps Mark Regev, is right. You can’t believe a word a terrorist says!

But it appears there is more than one “terrorist” here!


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