Oprah! What’s wrong with me?


This is the second epiphany I’ve had! I think.

Today I saw the end of the TV show “On the Record” on MSNBC! Greta said there were some people who always “have my back”! Her reason for showing this was apparently she is receiving “flack” from both the Right and the Left for her move from FOX to MSNBC! She showed this clip of Haitian children saying “Congratulation” to her for the move! This was I believe an orphanage she and her Husband support in Haiti! It was very nice!I risk not getting this right because I didn’t record it, BUT I think the message was “Congratulations Ma Ma Greta”!

And I thought about Oprah and the girl’s school she has in South Africa! The three schools Serena Williams has in Kenya, Uganda and Jamaica! This was the first time I had seen Greta’s effort in Haiti! But it was not the first I had seen or heard of Oprah or Serena’s schools!

But it was the first time I had thought of how I felt when I saw it! Actually it wasn’t how I felt! I tried to imagine how a Black child on Chicago’s south side, or Compton or Flint, felt watching it!

Oprah said at one time “I wanted to help girls who look like me”!

So what about girls in Chicago or Compton? Or Flint, where we have children that don’t have drinking water? Just so you know Oprah! I don’t know how you think you look, BUT the kids in these cities look a hell of a lot more like you than a South African girl!

I have to think some MUST ask “WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME? Am I not worthy of love? Why do you have to go to Africa or Jamaica to show love for a Black child? I wish they would explain it to me!

Better yet! How would you explain it to a child who asks “WHATS WRONG WITH ME”?




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