I recently watched Smerconish on CNN. He brings on Michael Muskasey , former U.S. Attorney General. Now the discussion was on the never-ending emails of Sec. Clinton. That day the State Dept. says 22 of the emails will not be released because they have been deemed “TOP SECRET”! So among other things, Muskasey says, “well since the emails were not released at all, it’s apparent someone must have removed the classification in order to get them on the Secretaries server. That’s a Federal offense!”

I must admit that upon hearing it I thought about the relationship between Vampires and Radishes. A guy sees a farmer planting radishes and asks if he has been hurt with his crop of radishes like so many other farmers. The farmer says, oh these are not for market; it’s to keep the Vampires away. The guy says Vampires? There are NO Vampires! The farmer says, yeah these radishes really work! “

This email thing is just another Republican attempt to injure Secretary Clinton. She sat thru 11 hours before a house committee on her emails. The umpteenth investigation.  And the only reason it was televised is because she INSISTED on it being televised. The committee wanted it to be closed-door. That way they could continue with baseless accusations and innuendo. But this way the American people saw EXACTLY what it was about. NOTHING!

I know we are in the so-called “Silly Season” of the political process. But it’s getting serious now. The press is SELECTING the Presidential Nominees. CNN talks about Donald Trump 24/7. Fox has an ongoing Reality Show with Donald Trump and is too stupid to know that’s the ONLY THING he knows! He is going to win and we lose. By the way I watched the last Republican Debate and as a Democrat, to me it was the ONLY substantive one they’ve had. Of course I didn’t agree with the answers but I did the questions. At least they touched on issues rather than, “did you hear what Trump said about your mama”?

The networks are picking the nominees AND THAT IS WRONG! And I’m a Democrat and should be ecstatic because the selection on Donald J. Trump all but guarantees a Democratic WIN! But it’s deeper than that. Donald Trump says “I’m going to deport 11 million undocumented people and they will have to come back thru this “beautiful wall” which I will build and I will get Mexico to pay for it”!

Now, I’ve already said I’m NOT a Conservative BUT! I thought one of the major tenants of Conservatism is “SMALLER GOVERNMENT”! If I’m right then WHY has NOT ONE so-called “Journalist” PUSHED Trump to explain at least one of his plans. How would that work WITHOUT increasing the size of Government? How much will the “BEAUTIFUL “wall cost? And HOW and WHY would Mexico pay for it? Not to mention the ex President of Mexico, says “that’s silly! Why would Mexico pay for some %^&% Wall?”

He wants to stop allowing Muslims from coming into the country? AT WHAT COST? Any fool knows WITHOUT them, defeating ISIS or DASH is perhaps impossible. So are WE going back in, because no matter what you think of Muslims they aren’t STUPID! Asking them to form a coalition BEHIND you since they ALL want to LEAD, and then tell them they are NOT WELCOME in our country?  HOW EXACTLY does that work? He wants to “bomb the hell out of ISIS and take the oil”; does he understand that Iraq is a sovereign Country? How to you intend to TAKE the oil?

And EXACTLY WHEN was America GREAT since it no longer is? Was it before Political Correctness? Perhaps when John Wayne was kicking Santa Ana’s Ass at the ALAMO? EXACTLY WHEN?

And why would a war be a better strategy than the Deal the President made? Or the way our sailors were released. One candidate said it was a shame to see our sailors “stripped of dignity” with their hands over their heads. Why didn’t you ask “What would you have done?”  Better yet, WHAT should they have done? Fight it out? And you do know that we were NOT the only country involved in this deal. And do you know what would happen if your first day in office you back out of the deal? So many questions, so few Journalists! ASK THE DAMN QUESTION ALREADY!

And when you had two CUBAN Senators, arguing over immigration has NOT ONE journalist brought up the “WET FOOT DRY FOOT doctrine!  For those that may not know. You see if you are CUBAN none of this “crap” applies. All you have to do is reach “shore” hence “dry foot” and you are good to go and be eligible for FULL CITIZENSHIP IN ONE YEAR”. Government subsidies etc. Why do you think you don’t hear Florida Cubans exerting their formidable political influence into this argument? IT DOES NOT APPLY TO THEM. In other words they don’t have no skin in the game!  “Wet foot” means if you are caught at sea you will be returned to Cuba. Yeah Right! Wink, Wink! Yet these two argue over “Dreamers” and a path to citizenship?
Aljazeera America filed Bankruptcy and will stop broadcasting in April! And it’s a damn shame!

Now we have to get our News from Screen Actors Guild (SAG) members! Actors!

We should insist they stay in a Holiday Inn AT LEAST once a year!






Recently the Chicago Police Department released a video of a white Police officer shooting 17yr old Laquan McDonald 16 times.

An 18-month-old Palestinian boy, his mother and father were burned to death after settlers set fire to his family house in Duma village, south of Nablus city, in the occupied West Bank.

A white Minneapolis police officer fatally shot Jamar Clark, 24, an unarmed black man, on Nov. 15. A peaceful march in protest was disrupted when 5 protesters were shot. The police said that they had arrested a 23-year-old white man, and that two other white men, ages 21 and 26, turned themselves in on Tuesday afternoon.

The first to be arrested of course was a 32-year-old Hispanic but he was released when the police determined that he was not involved in the Monday night shooting.

Tariq Abu Khdeir, a 15 yr old PALESTINIAN-AMERICAN  who is from Tampa, Fla., was seen on video being kicked and beaten while on the ground by an Israeli border guard  in Jerusalem . Tariq was demonstrating against the death of his 16 yr old cousin who was kidnapped and burned to death by Illegal Jewish Settlers. The US State Dept. called for a quick and credible inquiry after footage of the beating spread worldwide. The guard was sentenced to 45 days community service. The State Dept. did not protest. Apparently there are US citizens and US-Palestinian citizens.

PALESTINE USA exists!  You ask “where is this place”? In White American and Israeli minds.  Could it be that this is what Netanyahu means my “Shared Values”?

I’ve had this BLOG “TPMR” (http://www. for a very long time, but for the first time today, I realized how “POLITICALLY CORRECT” I’ve been. I’ve heard so many people complain about this “politically correctness”.  For me it has been a “trigger” word or code, for “I want to be able to call you whatever I want. It’s my right! I’ll take the First and Second Amendment and that’s all I need. I’ll say whatever I want and I have a gun to back it up.”  But it’s not just that. It can also be silence!

Today, a Republican Donald Trump and a Democrat, Secretary Kerry spoke to me.

Donald Trump campaigns on NOT being politically correct and he leads the Republican primary.  This means there are a lot of people who feel the same way.  I was on the golf course and a member of my foursome expressed a similar feeling. “Whatever happened to free speech”?  he asked.  Since I didn’t know him, I didn’t want to spoil a day of golf. I decided to be “politically correct”, BY NOT ASKING, if that applied to Helen Thomas.

Pioneering journalist Helen Thomas was the first female member of the White House press corps and the United Press International’s first female White House bureau chief. She was often called “the First Lady of the Press.  She exercised her free speech about ISRAEL and was promptly fired.

Today Secretary Kerry, with Netanyahu standing by his side nodding in agreement that the current wave of violence on the part of the Palestinians had to be called “terrorism”. I was “ASHAME”!

Since September 81 Palestinians and 19 Israelis have died.

For the sake of argument, let’s say 40 of the Palestinian deaths were attributed attacks on Israeli’s resulting in 19 Israeli deaths. What the hell happened to the other 41 Palestinian deaths?

Sec. Kerry’s comment was not only nonsense but offensive.

“I feared for my life”, “he reached for my gun”, “she attacked me with a knife”. If no weapon is found “they must have gotten rid of it after I shot them.” Or “I thought I saw a weapon. My bad! ”

The weapon of choice, by Ill-legal Israeli settlers. Appears to be, burning alive.


Isn’t that what ISIS did to the captured Jordanian Pilot?

What’s happening to Palestinians and Black Americans can’t be disconnected.

And It seems to be open season in PALESTINE-USA!