Look! This is the most critical time in this country’s history. I know you have heard this before. But NEVER has their been a “Trump”  and/or a “Sanders” in the equation. Two very skilled CON MEN! Trump on the right and Sanders on the left.

The question I pose here is  “CAN A NON-DEMOCRAT LEAD DEMOCRATS?”


Secretary Hillary Clinton said “we are stronger together”! I believed and continue to believe that. But from the Primary to TODAY Bernie Sanders has done everything to HIGH JACK the Democratic Party. He almost had even me fooled. Almost!

BUT then it occurred to me, wait a minute “Captain Obvious”. (He is GREAT at listing problems we already are aware of so the only response is “YES” you are right). You’ve been wondering in the wilderness of Congress for a quarter-century and passed ONE bill. “ONE”! And now You emerge from the wilderness to become the “Messiah” of the Democrat Party…OF WHICH YOU ARE NOT A MEMBER? Not “NO” but “HELL NO”! On it’s face it sounds like a CON.

But I digress! About what he and “he alone” is doing to make the Democrat Party (of which he is NOT a member) a “Grass Roots ” Party. Lets see. He LOSES the Democratic Primary and is then rewarded for losing with a “LEADERSHIP” position in the Senate by Chuck Schumer. You must admit that was, pretty slick. So Bernie! What are you, Leader of the Party going to do to make US, THE DEMOCRAT PARTY, A GRASS ROOTS PARTY? Well!

SO! Let’s re-cap! You, Bernie Sanders, Senate Democrat Leader, who says the Democrat Party has to open it’s doors and let young people in, at least 3 Billion times, REFUSE TO GIVE YOUR EMAIL LIST TO THE DNC SO THAT IT CAN REACH OUT THOSE GRASS ROOTS PEOPLE TO LET THEM KNOW THE DOORS ARE OPEN?


But “WE” IS Bernie Sanders’ organization of which he is the Leader. He can’t claim that because his position in the Senate prohibits it. But have no doubt EVERYTHING he does is in support of that organization. When he says “WE” he is referring  to the “Our Revolution” organization. He said “WE ARE PREPARING TO DO”? He is CLEARLY saying “My list is for Our Revolution, my peeps, and NOT the DNC. So they ain’t getting it. Furthermore WE will NOT support down ticket Democrat candidates, UNLESS “WE”  determine they are “PROGRESSIVE ENOUGH, AS DEFINED BY “WE”! Got that?

He has his MSNBC series “Bernie Sanders goes to Trump Country“. Even that is a CON. It just so happens the states this traveling farce goes to, are Not really Trump states . They are in the sense Trump won them in the General. BUT  more importantly , they are  states Bernie won in the primary.  It’s BS people! Now listen to this. It’s “fake news” on the right and “Progressives” on the left. Two terms redefined by the 2016 election. It does get a bit garbled when so-called “Progressives” attack the Democrat Party on FOX of all places! But then it is the TRUMP era!

Listening to her I’m reminded of a line from the movie the “Formula”. This guy tells Brando his big plan. “We could raise the price of gas at the pump by 10 cent a gallon and blame it on the Arabs”! Brando replies “WE ARE THE ARABS”!

Guess what? When you take over , you are the establishment! It’s scary that I have to explain this. But even during the election, the lack of how the government works, such as the importance of the Supreme Court nomination was astounding. I was told I was using “scare” tactics. No, I was showing what was on the line. Look at where we are.

Look! There are “Progressive” elements in the Democrat Party. There always has been. BUT lets get this straight! ALL Democrats are “PROGRESSIVES” by definition. The Democrat Party is truly a “big tent”. We have Conservatives, Moderates,  Liberals and yes Progressives. And each has an “EQUAL” seat at the table. But The 2016 Presidential race gave Bernie Sanders an opportunity to “HIGH JACK” the term “Progressive” and use it to further his agenda. Bernie Sanders is NOT now and NEVER has been a Democrat. He didn’t have the Guts to run as an Independent or a “Progressive” so like a snake in the grass slithered into the Primary under the guise of being a Democrat. Taking our money, our data, and everything else that came with the PRIVILEGE of running as a Democrat. While in his own words “running AGAINST the Democratic Party”!

By the way, under the agreement attached to running as a Democrat, each candidate agreed to donate to “down Ticket” DEMOCRAT candidates. Secretary Clinton DID. BIG TIME! She raised a lot of money. NOT for herself , but for down ticket Democrat candidates. Bernie didn’t give a DAMN PENNY while “bragging” about his millions raised thru $27 donations. And keeping it for himself. I suppose they weren’t “Progressive” enough. Even one of the largest donors to Sec. Clinton, George Clooney, came out and explained his event was for “down ticket candidates” and defended her fund raising. Yet this snake used that against her. Claiming it showed she couldn’t fight Wall Street, because she was some how beholding to her Donors. He pushed it so hard ,to the point where one of his surrogates, namely Paul Song, Husband of CNN’s Lisa Ling felt comfortable enough to call Sec. Clinton a “Money Whore” before a crowd est. at 27, 000 before Sanders took the stage. And rather than denounce it right then and there, Sanders waited until the Clinton campaign demanded an apology, and then and ONLY then did he “tweet” his denouncement! And saying they hadn’t heard about the comment! And we are suppose to believe that? It happened at the same event on the same stage. And you hadn’t heard? Again, sound like someone else we all know with initials DJT? A lot of similarities.

The Democrat Party NEEDS Independents! I know this. But it’s like being sick and need blood. You NEED blood! BUT  if you are “O” positive you need a certain TYPE of blood. NOT “A” or “B” you need “O POSITIVE”! We need Independents who want to JOIN US. What we don’t need are ideologues who wish to take over the party, with “if we don’t get our way it’s “rigged” BULL! Don’t we have enough of that BS from Trump?

So again , although I agree with Secretary Clinton’s statement “we are stronger together”,  I also ain’t no fool! As the self proclaimed “Progressive” in the video said “there will be no unity”! Fine. Because I’m not JUST a PUMA, I’m  a “raging” PUMA! For those who don’t know what that is, it’s an acronym for “PARTY UNITY MY ASS”! Bernie is running a CON game on the party. A-G-A-I-N! And has been from the beginning. Just think about it. He is ALLOWED to run as a Democrat. He then “accidentally” hacks Sec. Clinton database! He proceeds to use emails within the DNC  to become a victim of the Party? The DNC stole the Primary and now those same people “stole” the DNC chair?  Trump voters are “misunderstood”. They are just hurting and he feels their pain? The other thing Trump brought to 2016 was “nick names”. Well how about “Lil Donny” for Bernie?


What we DEMOCRATS MUST UNDERSTAND is this:  These rally’s , these TV appearances are  suppose to be to further the agenda of the DEMOCRAT PARTY not Bernie Sanders and his organization. BUT THEY ARE!


I for one am sick and tired of all this “rigged” BS and demonizing the Party. The beauty of this country, is you can form your own Political Party. Yeah! It’s legal.  Google it. Why waste so much time on such a “terrible” Party?  While at the same time, as my late Aunt would say, getting on my last nerve. Yes the Party has problems, but which Party doesn’t. For all our problems I’M A DAMN PROUD DEMOCRAT!

And Bernie needs to grow a pair and quit criticizing DEMOCRATS and form his own Party!








This is the second epiphany I’ve had! I think.

Today I saw the end of the TV show “On the Record” on MSNBC! Greta said there were some people who always “have my back”! Her reason for showing this was apparently she is receiving “flack” from both the Right and the Left for her move from FOX to MSNBC! She showed this clip of Haitian children saying “Congratulation” to her for the move! This was I believe an orphanage she and her Husband support in Haiti! It was very nice!I risk not getting this right because I didn’t record it, BUT I think the message was “Congratulations Ma Ma Greta”!

And I thought about Oprah and the girl’s school she has in South Africa! The three schools Serena Williams has in Kenya, Uganda and Jamaica! This was the first time I had seen Greta’s effort in Haiti! But it was not the first I had seen or heard of Oprah or Serena’s schools!

But it was the first time I had thought of how I felt when I saw it! Actually it wasn’t how I felt! I tried to imagine how a Black child on Chicago’s south side, or Compton or Flint, felt watching it!

Oprah said at one time “I wanted to help girls who look like me”!

So what about girls in Chicago or Compton? Or Flint, where we have children that don’t have drinking water? Just so you know Oprah! I don’t know how you think you look, BUT the kids in these cities look a hell of a lot more like you than a South African girl!

I have to think some MUST ask “WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME? Am I not worthy of love? Why do you have to go to Africa or Jamaica to show love for a Black child? I wish they would explain it to me!

Better yet! How would you explain it to a child who asks “WHATS WRONG WITH ME”?




Recently the Chicago Police Department released a video of a white Police officer shooting 17yr old Laquan McDonald 16 times.

An 18-month-old Palestinian boy, his mother and father were burned to death after settlers set fire to his family house in Duma village, south of Nablus city, in the occupied West Bank.

A white Minneapolis police officer fatally shot Jamar Clark, 24, an unarmed black man, on Nov. 15. A peaceful march in protest was disrupted when 5 protesters were shot. The police said that they had arrested a 23-year-old white man, and that two other white men, ages 21 and 26, turned themselves in on Tuesday afternoon.

The first to be arrested of course was a 32-year-old Hispanic but he was released when the police determined that he was not involved in the Monday night shooting.

Tariq Abu Khdeir, a 15 yr old PALESTINIAN-AMERICAN  who is from Tampa, Fla., was seen on video being kicked and beaten while on the ground by an Israeli border guard  in Jerusalem . Tariq was demonstrating against the death of his 16 yr old cousin who was kidnapped and burned to death by Illegal Jewish Settlers. The US State Dept. called for a quick and credible inquiry after footage of the beating spread worldwide. The guard was sentenced to 45 days community service. The State Dept. did not protest. Apparently there are US citizens and US-Palestinian citizens.

PALESTINE USA exists!  You ask “where is this place”? In White American and Israeli minds.  Could it be that this is what Netanyahu means my “Shared Values”?

I’ve had this BLOG “TPMR” (http://www. mrs-t.com) for a very long time, but for the first time today, I realized how “POLITICALLY CORRECT” I’ve been. I’ve heard so many people complain about this “politically correctness”.  For me it has been a “trigger” word or code, for “I want to be able to call you whatever I want. It’s my right! I’ll take the First and Second Amendment and that’s all I need. I’ll say whatever I want and I have a gun to back it up.”  But it’s not just that. It can also be silence!

Today, a Republican Donald Trump and a Democrat, Secretary Kerry spoke to me.

Donald Trump campaigns on NOT being politically correct and he leads the Republican primary.  This means there are a lot of people who feel the same way.  I was on the golf course and a member of my foursome expressed a similar feeling. “Whatever happened to free speech”?  he asked.  Since I didn’t know him, I didn’t want to spoil a day of golf. I decided to be “politically correct”, BY NOT ASKING, if that applied to Helen Thomas.

Pioneering journalist Helen Thomas was the first female member of the White House press corps and the United Press International’s first female White House bureau chief. She was often called “the First Lady of the Press.  She exercised her free speech about ISRAEL and was promptly fired.

Today Secretary Kerry, with Netanyahu standing by his side nodding in agreement that the current wave of violence on the part of the Palestinians had to be called “terrorism”. I was “ASHAME”!

Since September 81 Palestinians and 19 Israelis have died.

For the sake of argument, let’s say 40 of the Palestinian deaths were attributed attacks on Israeli’s resulting in 19 Israeli deaths. What the hell happened to the other 41 Palestinian deaths?

Sec. Kerry’s comment was not only nonsense but offensive.

“I feared for my life”, “he reached for my gun”, “she attacked me with a knife”. If no weapon is found “they must have gotten rid of it after I shot them.” Or “I thought I saw a weapon. My bad! ”

The weapon of choice, by Ill-legal Israeli settlers. Appears to be, burning alive.


Isn’t that what ISIS did to the captured Jordanian Pilot?

What’s happening to Palestinians and Black Americans can’t be disconnected.

And It seems to be open season in PALESTINE-USA!









I ran across this by accident, and for several reason felt compelled to respond.

First was the characterization of the Black Lives Matter movement as somehow being anti-Semitic. Yeah!

The other was “Playing the anti-Semitic card”!

Now of course,this is “JUST ONE PERSON!” But as I’ve said  Israel has become the “third rail”, NOT TO BE TOUCHED! It appears that ANY criticism is immediately labeled anti-Semitic and therefore without merit. But this woman has taken it to new high. Accusing the Black Lives Matter movement as an “anti-Semitic movement.”

My first response was Trump-like! WOW!

Watch and make up your own mind!

This woman’s video surpasses anything that I might write to prove my point that the anti-Semitic, Holocaust card is played WAY TOO MUCH!

Look, I don’t agree with everything that everyone “proclaiming” to be in the Black Lives Movement does. But the downside of an organization which is decentralized is you can’t control who claims to be associated with it. Nor can you denounce every action taken, in the name of Black Lives Matter! Like TO ME, the “interrupt” tactic ,when Bernie Sanders was speaking was plain STUPID! But for me, I didn’t know Bernie was Jewish until the Iran deal came up and everyone started talking about Jewish lawmakers.

So, let’s be clear: Black Lives Matter came about loosely after Trayvon Martin’s death  but picked up in intensity after Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson, etc. etc.

It’s about Black people being killed by Police!

The statistics of Black unarmed men and women killed by Police is hard to wrap your mind around.

So many have tried to “Change the Subject” by saying “Stop saying Black Lives Matter” and say “All lives Matter”.

When Police start KILLING ALL PEOPLE we will. Until then “Black Lives Matter” is the subject.

And the Black Lives Matter movement has NOTHING to do with Antisemitism!

When EVERYTHING is anti-Semitic or somehow related the Holocaust , you have a mental problem for which you should seek help.

Or you are using it to say, because we are Jewish you CAN NOT criticize us or the State of Israel because of the Holocaust!

To which I say, “BULL”! Apartheid is Apartheid! But that’s for another conversation!

I believe, the world becomes a better place by shining the light of constructive criticism on it. ( I just made that up………so I could be wrong!)

Anyway, this is just one woman who speaks only for herself.


Recently someone, who shall remain unnamed, accused me of attacking their religion (Christianity) by criticizing Israeli settlers and the Israeli government. My criticism was brought on by the firebombing of a Palestinian family’s home by Jewish settlers. 

That act, resulted in an 18 month old BABY named Ali, his father, and his mother BEING BURNED ALIVE. His 4 yr old brother has survived. So far! To say I was upset is an understatement. But, I apologized for my profanity!

I was also critical of Israel’s undermining of President Obama’s effort in the so-called “Iran Deal”. The option to which, in my OPINION, is WAR!

Anyway, I was so blind-sided by this accusation; it took me some time and discussions with family members to wrap my mind around it. Because of the way I was confronted, I felt compelled to address this in a public way, in the event this person repeats this accusation to others. This is not out of the question!

As Popeye the sailor would say “I yam what I yam”!

MY NAME IS MY NAME and the reputation attached, is important to me. That includes my birth name, pseudonyms, or “nick-names” by which I may be known.

I am an Atheist and as such, have NO religious interest, and NEVER write about RELIGION, and try to avoid TALKING about it. Anything that appears on this Blog and written by me, is STRICTLY from a political perspective! If I reference Religion, here, or in speaking about political issues, I attempt to do so within a POLITICAL FRAMEWORK!

But I will defend to the death, YOUR right to your religious beliefs, no matter what those beliefs might be. Whether Christian, or Muslim or Hinduism, Judaism or any other!

When I joined the US military, in part, that’s what I thought I was doing.  Defending those VERY rights. YOURS and MINE!

War taught me many things. Not the least of which, is WAR IS INSANE! And I will speak against it whenever and, wherever I can. Even if it makes me sound crazy! What is that song…? “I love it (I don’t care)”?  Well when it comes to speaking out about WARI DON’T CARE!”

This BLOG exists partly for that reason. I deal with national and international issues. But it is NOT a travel log. So I’m sure from time to time I will say things which you may disagree with. THAT’S FINE! I don’t profess to be an expert on everything I write about. I encourage the sharing of views. AND I WILL NEVER, INTENTIONALLY SAY OR WRITE, ANYTHING I KNOW TO BE OFFENSIVE!

HOWEVER, my point is your rights STOP where mine BEGIN!

I am NOT a professional writer nor do I pretend to be one. If you are reading this, then that’s obvious. But I thought I had better mention it just in case you are not reading this. (Insert laugh here).

But because I am not a professional, doesn’t mean I SPEAK or WRITE in SYNONYMS.

When I say “America”, this IS NOT a synonym for “Christianity”!

When I say “India”, this IS NOT a synonym for “Hinduism”!

When I say “Israel”, this IS NOT a synonym for “Judaism”!

When I say “Turkey”, this IS NOT a synonym for “Islam”!

I will probably never be a renowned bestselling author, but I know the difference between a religion and a country. And unless you can prove you are “Mr. Spock” I will not allow you to tell me what I’m thinking!


Criticizing Israel IS NOT anti-Semitic.

Criticizing Turkey IS NOT an attack on Islam.

You can’t play that card with me! No matter how many times you say it or how LOUD you say it…IT JUST AIN’T!


Can you imagine how difficult communication becomes, if YOU THINK in SYNONYMS and others don’t?  Talk about “LOL”!

Imagine overhearing a conversation where one person tells another:

 “Since I’m retired now, I think I’ll take a trip to Christianity and from there we might visit Hinduism”! Try booking that ticket!

That’s what it SOUNDS like when you THINK in SYNONYMS.  A SYNONYM for that type of thinking might be “C-R-A-Z-Y!”

And to the person who accused me of insulting their religion. Next time someone says something like I did, you might consider acting like a grownup and say “I’m not comfortable talking about this!” Or ” I find your comments offensive”. I would have apologized, and never mentioned it again. I think most people would do the same. Just a suggestion!

Separation of state and church is part of my DNA! An upcoming post will address that very issue, as it relates to the current US political primaries. (This was written before this came up.)

I welcome ALL criticism.  I can handle it!  If you think I’m moron, say so, it’s OK I can handle it. No matter how vile, your remarks about me, or my comments, it will be published!



Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby charged Six Baltimore policemen involved in the Freddie Gray homicide with various charges including 2nd degree murder Friday.

But my fear is that it will be squandered by Conservatives and Liberals and Libertarians and everyone else. Because after 26 years as a System Analyst my one TRUTH is, “you can NEVER solve a problem you don’t understand.”

Police brutality is not a problem solved by cameras, Diversity, or any other Band-aid

Yes when Walter Lamer Scott was killed in South Carolina a camera helped when he was shot four times “IN THE BACK”. But In New York Eric Gardner was killed by a white policeman on video where the cop waved at the camera after Eric’s body was taken away. In Missouri a Black female cop told her fellow White officers to hold up on beating a man until she turned the dash camera off. Cameras are NOT the solution!

Police brutality is not a problem solved by DIVERSITY!

Yes in Ferguson the police department would be helped by more minority members in that particular department. But I doubt it would have saved Michael Brown. Because in Baltimore Freddie Gray was killed by six officers, three of which were black. Two men one woman. Diversity is NOT the solution.


When he or she puts on that uniform, badge and more importantly that GUN, they cease being white or black or brown or yellow or any other color other than BLUE. ASK THEM!

It appears they are also issued an exemption from the laws they swear to enforce. And that the public is the enemy. And I can lock you up for not showing me the respect I obviously deserve because I wear this uniform. In short “fear me”! I can also KILL YOU!

It’s politically correct to say “we are not talking about all cops” Well I’m not politically correct. I am talking about ALL cops. Until they prove me wrong. If a cop breaks a man’s arm while on the ground screaming “I’m not resisting” and 10 other cops stand around with their hands on their hips watching as we saw on a local news broadcast. Or the man in San Bernardino who after a police chase was spread eagle on the ground, repeatedly kicked in the groin while other late arriving cops got their kicks in. Or let a dog loose on a friend of mine, who was handcuffed on the ground, stopped for speeding. And not one cop said a word. I made the mistake of viewing the Rodney King arrest tape of 1991 for this piece. We all should take another look at it!

While only four crazed cops were charged, 10-20 others watched. NOT ONE COP INTERVIENED! NOT ONE COP REPORTED IT.

Yes it’s a dangerous job! But you knew or certainly should have known that when you volunteered. No one is drafted to my knowledge. I knew when I volunteered for the military I could get killed. So what? If you can’t deal with that maybe another profession is in order. The ONLY solution to police brutality lies with changing police culture.


It’s so cliché but true, if you wear the uniform, you are either the solution or the problem! Terrorism taught us “See something Say Something.”! This applies more so to cops.

Everyone loves to say the majority of cops  are a good hard working cops. I say BULL! PROVE IT.

You have a choice to be a “GOOD” cop by “See something ,Say Something.” or just another “BAD” cop hiding behind the The Blue Wall of silence.

So Choose!