Just watched Van Jones and Nina Turner, speak at the Peoples  Summit in Chicago on YouTube! And Full Disclosure, after watching Van Jones on CNN and the Special he was given “the Messy Truth”, I don’t  like him! I especially don’t like how he uses the terms “Liberals” , “Democrats”, and “THEY”!

That  said, he started out by saying he predicted a year ago Sec. Clinton would lose .



He then proceeded to say that she didn’t run a campaign but a “boon doggle”! That she should give all the money back, because she took a million dollars and burnt it up on consultants and data people etc.

And then there is Nina Turner, who has become the “Moses” for “Progressives” that NEVER misses an opportunity to knock the Democrat Party.

And if I hear “Brothers and Sisters” one more time I’m going to vomit!


Now I’ve written about this a lot since the election and it seems I’m destined to continue.

You see I’m a PROUD DEMOCRAT and I’m sick and tired of so-called “Progressives” attacking Sec. Clinton and MY Party! Let’s get something straight: There are “Progressive Democrats” and then there are “Progressives”. THEY AIN’T THE SAME! So how do you tell them apart? It’s really easy! DEMOCRATS DON’T EAT THEIR OWN! When you hear “Corporate Democrats”,”Movement” these are  NOT  terms used by “Progressive Democrats”!

This attempt to confuse the terms  “Democrat Progressive” and “Progressive is NOT by accident. Nor is the attempt to take over the Democrat Party. Yeah I said it. And I dare you to dismiss this argument with labeling me a “conspiracy theorist”! You can! But you won’t get it to stick.

Just hear me out and then try to make this a wacky conspiracy theory.

My Party has always been volatile. Witness the 1968 convention.  And others.  We fight! We demonstrate! That’s what we do. Like ANY FAMILY ! But we ALL have the same last name: ‘DEMOCRAT”!

If I had to put a label on myself it would probably be a Moderate Democrat. But the operative word is “DEMOCRAT”!  And I’ve written so much about this lately I’m really getting tired of it. But I’ll be damned if I allow these so called “Progressives” to constantly attack me without fighting back. It a’int in my DNA to turn the other cheek.

These so-called “Progressives” now say we told you so! Well at what point do you the “Progressive” take responsibility for Donald J. Trump? You see if you didn’t vote or voted for Bernie or Stein, DONALD J. TRUMP IS ON YOU! Van Jones who has NEVER run a campaign can criticize Sec. Clinton’s campaign. That’s NOT why she lost! Because Mich. wasn’t organized isn’t why she lost. That data Van Jones criticized showed PROGRESSIVES DIDN’T SHOW UP!

They were so self righteous and so stupid. Too stupid to understand that if Secretary Clinton lost they would create their own NIGHTMARE!

Which has become “OURS”!

The link below is a Petition to have Bernie Sanders Removed from Democrat Leadership Position.

Please sign!


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