Shiny Objects vs 3 Card Monte

I use these terms a lot. It occurred to me that although I know what I mean others may not.

Therefore, in order to get my point across to others I need to explain what they mean. Lets start with “Shiny Objects”.

A Shiny Object is something or anything designed to “capture” your attention to divert your attention from something else. Here the operative word is “designed”! For example the Investigation of the Russian interference with Last year’s Presidential election. In and of itself I don’t consider a “Shiny Object”. Why? Because although the Press goes at this 24/7, I don’t believe their coverage is “designed” to “capture” your attention “away” from something else.

But here is where it gets tricky. Although it’s not their intention it may in many cases have the same end result. Trump ad little Trumpsters absolutely don’t want the Press talking about “Russia”. Still in doing so, 24/7 they have little or NO time for anything else.

For example:  Nearly 50 Senators Want to Make It a Felony to Boycott Israel. Not all Republicans. 32 Elephants and 15 Donkeys! Raise your hand if you have heard of S.720! Me either.

So you see the end result of us so fully focused on the Russian “SHINY THING”  , meanwhile back at the ranch Congress is attempting to strip away OUR FIRST, NOT THE BELOVED SECOND, BUT “FIRST” AMENDMENT RIGHT OF FREE SPEECH!

Now I don’t care what your feelings on Israel are. Well I do but that’s for another post. But whether you think Israel must be defended at ALL COST. Or you feel as, I do, that Israel is an Apartheid State and I don’t want my tax dollars going to prop it up. The ONE THING we both SHOULD agree on  is AS AN AMERICAN I HAVE THE RIGHT GUARANTEED ME BY THE FIRST AMENDMENT OF THE CONSTITUTION TO SAY WHATEVER MY POSITION IS!

This Senate bill would take THAT away from you. And MOST of us don’t even know it’s even being discussed, because we are being blinded by the glare of the “Shiny Object”!

Now “3 Card Monte” is different than the “Shiny Object” in ONLY one way. The one who wants you distracted is the DEALER. The dealer providing the “Shiny Object” can be the person who wants you distracted or it could be, as in this example, a third party like the Press. But with 3 card Monte it is ALWAYS the person who really wants you distracted who provides the distraction. For example: “Rather than “BLACK LIVES MATTER” why not say “ALL LIVES MATTER”! Well as soon as you surrender to that nonsense, you have LOST. The correct response is “O.K. as soon as cops kill white people at the rate they kill Black people we will  say “ALL LIVES MATTER”!

You see with 3 Card Monte you are asked to follow the card. Here the card is “all lives matter”. In trying to find IT, you lose sight of “Black Lives”. And in doing so lose sight of the fact cops are KILLING BLACK PEOPLE! Which is what they want. That’s 3 card Monte.







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