When extremely frustrated, my late Aunt would say (this or that or a person) “has got on my last nerve”! Kinda like “she counted to three” in “Oh Brother Where Art Thou”! Anyway that is where I am with STUPID Republicans. They had 17 Candidates in their Primary! Forty-Five so called “Debates”. Or signifying matches! For those unfamiliar with the term “signifying”. It means saying derogatory things about your mama.

And all Republicans going on Television telling the American people, “We can’t defeat ISIS because THIS President refuses to use the term “Radical Islam”! As if the President by saying the words “RADICAL ISLAM” could bring about the demise of ISIS!

They however for some reason, REFUSE to say that the new Budget is an “AUTHORIZATION” to fight ISIS! I thought that was what you were criticizing the President for NOT doing? But when He asks Congress to do their duty , like holding hearings on a Supreme court Nominee, and DECLARE WAR ON ISIS for some UNKNOWN reason, (reason might be a stretch) they just can’t!

Meanwhile ISIS says “SAY MY NAME”! It’s “AUTHORIZATION”!

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