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    “I HATE RAP”! was the original Title of this. But I changed it to “Message to the Messengers”. Then someone who I won’t name because I didn’t ask her permission to use her name, posted an interview with this person called “lil Wayne”! It was the most ignorant rant I’ve heard in a long time.Perhaps […]

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    Just watched Van Jones and Nina Turner, speak at the Peoples  Summit in Chicago on YouTube! And Full Disclosure, after watching Van Jones on CNN and the Special he was given “the Messy Truth”, I don’t  like him! I especially don’t like how he uses the terms “Liberals” , “Democrats”, and “THEY”! That  said, he […]


Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby charged Six Baltimore policemen involved in the Freddie Gray homicide with various charges including 2nd degree murder Friday. It is MONUMENTAL! HISTORICAL! and Merely a FIRST STEP! But my fear is that it will be squandered by Conservatives and Liberals and Libertarians and everyone else. Because after 26 years as a System […]

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  • A Conversation On GAZA PT 2

    I want to continue by looking at the validity of claims by the IDF. Israel claims it invaded GAZA over the death of 3 Jewish teens killed by HAMAS in June! However HAMAS denied any involvement. Then they said it was men affiliated with HAMAS. The latest is it was a high ranking HAMAS official. […]

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  • A Conversation On GAZA PT 1

    In order to have a meaningful conversation, I have always found it helpful to define terms. So why don’t we start there? Two words necessary to define, for the purpose of this conversation are: (1) Terrorist and (2) Apartheid. This first installment will deal with “Terrorist” and “Terrorism”. We will discuss Apartheid in the third […]

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