“I HATE RAP”! was the original Title of this. But I changed it to “Message to the Messengers”. Then someone who I won’t name because I didn’t ask her permission to use her name, posted an interview with this person called “lil Wayne”!

It was the most ignorant rant I’ve heard in a long time.Perhaps ever. I watched it and immediately went to this and renamed it “I HATE RAP! AGAIN! A stark reminder why I wrote this.

I heard a lot of people praising the Rapper Ice Tea for being on Bill Mahr  and saying what Bill Mahr was NOT cool! And that word is “OUR” word. Well I don’t know who he was referring to but it damn sure don’t  include me!

There are a lot of things I want to own! OWNING THAT WORD AIN’T ONE OF THEM! ARE YOU CRAZY?

You see , YOU GAVE HIM PERMISSION!  By using it you gave him PERMISSION.

YOU GAVE HIM PERMISSION BECAUSE YOU WANTED HIS DOLLAR! So don’t act like “I didn’t want you to repeat it”! Of course you did. You wanted as many people, White, Black, Latino, Asian and every other Color and Nationality as possible to repeat it. CAUSE THAT’S M-O-N-E-Y!

So all this BS about a “teachable moment” I found hilarious! A “teachable moment”?  You want a teachable moment?  STOP AND LISTEN TO THE BS BEING PUT OUT AS “RAP”!

THEN listen to the GODFATHER OF RAP! THIS WAS BEFORE RAP WAS RAP! Yeah! I’ve heard all this stuff about how rap came about in the Bronx in 1973. I also know Gil never wanted to be known as the “Godfather of Rap”! But ,it is what it is. West Africa and the Caribbean is the origin when it was called the “spoken word”!

Anyway, what I want to say, has been said so eloquently by Gil Scott Heron who saw what I saw. Check it out. THIS IS IN FACT A “TEACHABLE MOMENT”! It’s going to hurt. But the truth often does!

Let’s see if we can “LEARN” from this “teachable moment”. Cause if you keep using it in your “rapping” Then White people and everyone else  will continue to use it.

It ain’t complicated. I guess it becomes a matter of what is really important. Do you REALLY CARE about the word being used, or is it an “opportunity moment” to get some free publicity? Cause just so you know, you can’t own something you give away. If you want to own that word STOP using it in your lyrics.

Ms. Sanders’ point on that same Bill Mahr show about Black women. Well there is a little something- something for her too in Gil Scott Heron’s, Message to the Messengers. We fought hard for respect of our Black women. Can you say the same? I don’t think so! But Sisters have got to stop accepting this BS too! Here is the truth. If you want to be respected demand it. Men will ONLY do what YOU accept.

Sisters you want to stop the foul language around you ? And you should! You Don’t want to be called a “Hoe”? YOU SHOULD! Want them to pull their pants up? YOU SHOULD! YOU STOP ACCEPTING IT AND IT STOPS! PERIOD! You and ONLY YOU have the power to make it STOP! USE THE POWER!




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