An Open letter to Bill and Hillary Clinton.

The Clinton foundation and The Clinton Global Initiative should be OFF THE TABLE.

I know you both have been busy, so in case you haven’t noticed, the Cable News  network’s  and FOX (I can’t even type the word “News” next to Fox), are not going to stop attacking ANYTHING connected to YOU . EVER ! NO MATTER WHAT!

If that is the case and it is, why change anything? Your Foundation is “GOLD STAR” rated. I don’t think the people who actually count , for instance those  who receive drugs which lengthen or save their lives give a damn about “PERCEPTION”! I AND MILLIONS OF OTHER AMERICANS AGREE!

The “Talking Heads” with their little ear plugs say things like “Yes we know the foundation saves lives around the world, “B-U-T”! HOW IN THE HELL CAN THERE BE A “BUT” when it comes to saving lives?

It’s like saying , “ there is a Black child drowning in the pool and  I could  jump in the pool and save the child, B-U-T,  since I’m Black myself I want to avoid the PERCEPTION  that  I’m doing it BECAUSE the child  is Black. SO I’ll go find a WHITE person to save the child.”

The bar has been set so low for Donald Trump by the Press there is NO DAYLIGHT BETWEEN THE BAR AND THE GROUND!

At the risk of in any way agreeing with “The Donald” the Press’s credibility sucks! A CNN reporter taking  a “selfy” with Ivanka Trump DURING THE ROLE CALL OF THE NOMINATION PROCESS AT THE REPUBLICAN CONVENTION?

So how can one be surprised that TRUMP says jump and the Cable networks try to see which one can jump the highest?

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